Hitman 1 challenges in Hitman 2


I got a question…
I got H1 and H2 and in H2 you can play the H1 games again,like I said… again…
Why are the H1 challenges not copied to my H2 game/account?
They are on the same account and same console…
I like the game… but to do all those challenges again… That’s a lot!

Hope for some answers :facepunch:

Technical features or/and difficulties.
That’s it, I think.

Maybe a side reason (or main, who knows) is to encourage you to replay all the game and missions with new mechanics, new features and altogether with a sequel of a story


Someone was having a bad day at work and decided they wanted to watch people do the Tuppence a Wish challenge again to make themselves feel better.


You know, sometimes I think this challenge even easier in HITMAN 2 due to different coins physics

That makes sense… Did them challenges on the PC to… Ok… Game on! round 3 it is!:muscle::rofl: