Hitman 1 escalations and challenge packs coming in october

Info of challenge packs and escalations given during IOI montly 6

The escalations and challenge packs are coming back in october supposedly

First up are Legacy Escalations. They changed them a bit too to fit the monthly themes so that’s good.


Cool! There’s a ton there I didn’t even touch in season 1. Will be cool to play everything that’s not in Bangkok.


Are they bringing all of them or just the good ones? Because there were a ton of filler escalations and I don’t think there was a single one brought to Hitman legacy that I actually enjoyed

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I think Travis said they gonna add selected escalations, so hopefully only good ones.
Also I hope they can alter them a little to have 3 levels instead of 5.


You know, sometimes I miss 5 level escalations.
Especially when it’s a good one, like latest in New York

I’m not sure. For me 5 levels escalations are just dragging too much.
Some have minimal changes so we end up playing them almost the same way multiple times or they randomly decide to change everything while levels increase.
I just think 3 levels have the perfect balance.


However, I’m watching stream now, and right now I reached that moment where Travis says it will be 5 stages in those escalations

It’s a shame then. At least we finally gonna get Masamune back with Hokkaido challenge pack, so at least I’m happy for that.


Only the best ones I think

And my beloved jaeger 7 covert too😃


I’m just hoping they don’t bring the laser ones.They were a pain in the b$tt

Did they say that? Or that they’ll pick ones that fit the theme?

They did say it

I make it a bit clear. They said they changed H2016 escalations to fit HITMAN 2 game.
And. They selected those escalations that will fit next month(s) theme(s)

Interesting. Halloween ET?

Also they have the perfect opportunity to give us Himmipan Horror for October


Yay! The Mallory Misfortune is coming back!

End of sarcasm.

Not sure about escalations, but considering Challanhe packs, we will be most likely getting Himappan Horor and Vampire Magican ones. I hope we will get some unlockable for Vampire pack, as there wasn’t any in HITMAN (2016).

Baby is back.


So that means… The Ko-… Ko-… Kotti paradigm will be added?!