Hitman 1 escalations and challenge packs coming in october

I felt like I was the only person who cared about Jaeger Covert!

It’s the only weak sniper that’s also silenced, there are some unique uses to that. I’ve said they need a silenced Jaeger since there are like 6 Jaegers and not one is silenced, they even responded to it on a stream and went “Well, we have new snipers that are coming which are silenced, from Siberia”… totally missed the point, I don’t want an OP silenced rifle, we’ve already got Sieger Ghost for that… I want a Silenced Jaeger for variety! For legshotting goodness

Plus the Master Sniper challenge pack is fun, definitely compared to the ‘do some random crap on one end of Mumbai then do different random crap on the other end’. My Sniper Assassin contracts may have a better use now.


My beloved Jaeger 7 covert will be back finally

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And the masasume also

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A reward for the vampire magician challenge pack can be a magician powder

Vampire Magician challenge pack should give us bat shaped shurikens from one of early trailers.


That could be another option

But I don’t want the scarecrow challenge pack added because it was such a chore for me to complete it

Looking forward to the return of the legacy challenge pack. I really appreciated the vampire magician CP :grinning:

I guess, because it’ll be October and Halloween, the return of the Himmapan CP (Bangkok) or the Scarecrow CP (Colorado)… Those two challenge packs fit the best with the Halloween theme.

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I too miss the Jaeger Covert from Hitman (2016). At least this time it will have a proper suppressor.


I kind of think that Hitman 2 is superior in this area. I don’t remember having any fun with escalations and challenge packs in season 1. Maybe since I’m better at the game now I’ll have a better time with them but I kind of doubt it

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While being a mixed bag, some of season 1s escalation are far superior to any h2 escalation


Can’t wait for the return of the infamous Mallory Misfortune.

Seriously though, I’m most looking forward to all the unlocks tied to challenge packs. Depending on the release schedule and waiting on a Bangkok ET for the Casual Suit with Gloves, we’ll finally be able to re-complete our Season 1 inventory.

Master Vampire (Paris): Modern Sedative Syringe
Master Sniper (Sapienza): Jaeger 7 Covert
Plumber’s Apprentice (Sapienza): Claw Hammer
Master Fortune Teller (Marrakesh): TAC-4 AR Desert
Himmapan Horror (Bangkok): Antique Lethal Syringe
Scarecrow (Colorado): TAC-4 S/A Jungle
The Art of Revenge (Hokkaido): Masamune

Secret Santa (Paris): Santa 47 Suit. Currently the only Legacy challenge pack in Hitman 2 but as a time-limited seasonal event.

Master Vampire, Himmapan Horror, and Scarecrow Packs will arrive in October along with their original unlocks. Master Vampire originally had no unlock, but it will now grant the Sedative Syringe.

Master Fortune Teller and The Art of Revenge Packs will arrive in November along with their original unlocks.

Plumber’s Apprentice and Master Sniper Packs will also arrive in November along with their original unlocks. All of Season One’s equipment is finally unlockable in Hitman 2!


I disagree. I don’t remember enjoying any of them


Well either bad memory or your taste is completely different. I like escalations that allow for cool routing and kills, and s1 had a bunch of those that are far better than any escalation in s2. But if you like linearity, restrictions and stuff like knockouts only or just having a single target then sure, you might disagree


lol seriously i feel exactly same. I’ll never touch bangkok again.

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You stated yourself that you didnt even touch most of them in season 1 lol


How was the Jaeger 7 Covert obtained in HM1? I don’t remember.

Also I forgot about the scarecrow challenge pack :see_no_evil:

Anyone got a complete list of the Challenge Packs within HM1 and their rewards please?

There are several challenge packs:


Vampire magician
Phantom of the palace
For my next trick
This shocking trick
Like mist
The darkness and the blood
The quiet earth
Master vampire (magician) - achieve all the challenges (no unlocks)


Master Sniper
I aim to please
Sharp shooter
Over scoped
Out of sight
Master sniper (reward: Jaeger 7 Covert)

Plumber’s Apprentice
Taking the plunge
Pipe down
Blow it!
Tightening the screw
Master plumber (claw hammer)


Fortune teller challenge pack
Future events
Seven years of bad luck
It was an axeident
Wishful thinking
Master fortune teller (Tac-4 Desert)


Himmapan Horror
A friend for dinner
I’m utterly insane
Let the game begin
Heeeere’s Johnny
Redrum (antique lethal syringe)


They scream, they cry
Taste of your own medicine
Lighten up
Birth of the scarecrow
King of the crop (Tac-4 S/A Jungle)


Art of Revenge
California mountain snake
The Whisperer (Masamune)

EDIT: add picture of rewards

sources: hitman wikia, youtube, hitman reddit


The ones I have played I really dislike. Maybe when the majority are brought back I’ll enjoy them because maybe the ones I haven’t played are better

IMO, some of them are really good and interesting. They ask you to find a good strat to achieve the chalenge without being too annoying.
I really appreciated the Vampire pack in Paris (but Paris is my favorite map). I had fun with the Hokkaido pack and the challenge from the fortune teller asking you to kill the two main targets (general and Strandberg) as a fortune teller with a saber (not difficult but it takes time to prepare the set-up).

Sapienza challenge packs had nothing special, while Bangkok and Colorado challenge packs were for some of them a pain in the a** and annoying. For example, the Colorado challenge pack asked you to be compromised and then killing the witnesses before moving to the second target. It was somehow frustrating, when your last witness was a guy located at the other side of the map…

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