Hitman 1 GOTY for free when purchasing Hitman 3

Hello guys,
I bought Hitman 3 retail version (which should not matter) and IOI said, that everyone who preordered or bought Hitman 3 in first 10 days will receive Hitman 1 GOTY on Epic. I don’t see it anywhere I don’t even have it in the menu. Do you have it the same way?
I know what’s the situation with importing locations from Steam versions of Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 (I have both version on STeam), but at least I thought I would be able to play locations from the first entry, since I should receive it for free on Epic.
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

I got the Hitman complete first season in my library when I opened EGS when returning home tonight. Have you checked there ?