Hitman 1 missions on Hitman 2

Hello, I was wondering if I could play hitman 1 missions on hitman 2 game cause I bought Hitman 2 game on Steam, and 2 days ago I got Hitman 1 game on epic games for free.

Congratulations. You’re lucky man.
But to get HITMAN 2016 locations within HITMAN 2 all games must be on one and the same platform and located in one and the same store library.
That means if you own HITMAN 2 on Steam and HITMAN 2016 on Epic, nothing will work for you.
You have either to buy HITMAN 2016 on Steam or wait till HITMAN 2 appears on Epic.
Or you can buy (GOTY) Legacy Pack for HITMAN 2 on Steam

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