Hitman 1 - Position in queue is 291701

Dear forum,
I recently bought all of the episodes for Hitman 1, but I cannot get online even to create or attempt Contracts, Challenges etc., so I am stuck with 7/17 trophies unlocked in the base game, all legacy missions bought and I cannot even get online, it keeps saying my position in queue is around 290000th spot.
Are the servers down for Hitman 1 on PS4 ?

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You can check the server status for all games and platforms on https://hitmanstat.us/

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It says it is online, but it won’t even automatically connect or anything. I checked that site several times (Hitman 1 on PS4 has highest number of reported cases btw), I checked Reddit, PlaystationTrophies and PSNProfiles - no information on any of those sources.

Only thing I can advise here is just wait.
Several minutes, or a few hours.
If it’s late in your region, maybe go sleep and tomorrow everything will work, hopefully

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Hitman Playstation servers seem loaded in the last few days because of the PS+ and since worker instances are shared between all 3 games since last year, you can see some effects even on h1.


I thought so, releasing H2 on PS+ might have caused that, it connects in a heartbeat when I start H2. Thanks a lot for the response!

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