Hitman 16/18 Contracts Mode Rant / Wishes

So, i like the contracts mode in Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2018, i even had a featured contract in Hitman 2016, which was “The Curse of Morgan Le Fay”. The Contracts mode is okay, some people like it a lot because of the contracts, i like it mainly because i can find some names from there and so on. But still, there are a lot of issues with the contracts mode, that really need some attention in my opinion. So i will do just that. Also, i wasnt sure if this should go to Hitman Wishlist of the Hitman 2018 General gategory, so i just went with Wishlist, as i do hope these get fixed.

  1. The names are messed up.
    In The Contracts mode, when clicking on someone in instinct, you can mark an NPC as a target, which displays the name of the NPC. Now this is quite useful for someone like me, who has a great interest for the minor characters in Hitman 2016/2018. But here is the problem. A lot of the names are messed up in the contracts mode.
    1A: Incorrect names: For excample the Mario Brothers change their name between World of Tomorrow, and The Landslide, from Mario Salvatore and Luigi Salvatore to Mario Fratelli and Luigi Fratelli. The drug dealer hippie changes his name into Salvatore Pugliesi in Landslide, yet retains his WoT name of “Torres Piombo” in Santa Fortuna. The painter in Mumbai is called Soham Hussain, yet in contract creator mode he is named Babu Raav. Sheikh Salman Al-Ghazali is called Abdul Silleman in Miami and Gregory Arthur is called… Gilfrod Bootyswang! There are a lot more of these mistakes, so i guess thats enough examples for now.
    1B:Broken names. Lets say the housekeeper near Catalina Delgado’s Jazucci in Santa Fortuna. Her name is “Carlomagno Y??ez Pacheco”. Then there is one of the members of the Original Five, “Catherine ??Kiki?? Zola”. Those "??"s, are out of place.

2: The contracts mode doesnt offer too much creativity into make fun contracts, or for excample having themed contracts. Some of the contracts are okay, but none of them have i really enjoyed, in either of the two newest ones. Not 2016 nor 2018. I didnt even like the one that i made that got featured too much. Yeah, some of the contracts are good, none of them are great. So what could be done to combat this? Well, here is a few wild suggestions.

  1. Make a second version of the contract creator. This one is for bigger custom contracts, and make another row of saves, that are for the online contracts, that you maybe have to even download? Nothing in the scale of making something as big as Sapienza, but rather making your own custom NPCs and targets with custom routes, maybe deleting some characters or objects, adding some objects and making different opportunities or ways to kill your target for excample. And still retain the smaller version of contracts mode without saves etc. You could also add things such as marking a specific item as a target that you need to obtain, or destroy. I mean, these would add so much things to do in contracts mode and lessen the creative constraints of a contract being likely bad because its themed.

Anyways, those are my opinions on the contracts mode and what i think need attention.


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  • Allow author to delete contract
  • Allow author to edit name (maybe) and description (definitely) of contract
  • Allow author to modify conditions of contract IF no one has shown up on the leaderboard for it yet (besides the creator)
  • New Condition: Required Entrance. Whatever starting location the contract author used, player must now use (If player has not unlocked that starting location, then it will be granted to them for the contract, much like the escalations do)
  • Kill conditions can be made mandatory (like in Escalations)
  • Whacky escalation conditions such as requiring to be in foliage or will fail in ten seconds, or have to hold x weapon or will fail in 7 seconds, etc
  • Make Hawke’s Bay usable for Custom contracts by starting map AFTER guards have arrived, and perhaps open up the driveway as an exit option.
  • (Low Priority) Make the Yacht Training Mission contract playable
  • It would be neat if you were able to mark targets from longer distances by looking at them through scope
  • (Low priority) Allow author to pick up to TEN targets, but if you pick more than 5 then the kill conditions are unrestricted (Any disguise, any weapon) as trying to keep track of how to individually kill ten people is just a hassle; OR you’re only allowed to pick one set of kill conditions for all of them
  • Let people kill up to 10 people, but they are not set targets… when playing you just need to kill whatever 10 people you can with the set method and disguise (Like in the escalation where you have to pacify any 10 people with fish, they are not set targets and you pick who you want)
  • Ability to see other contracts by the same author; alternatively allow a “subscribe to author” feature, and then have a “subscribed contracts” panel on the menu where all the authors your subscribed to have their contracts show up.
  • Cross-platform contracts
  • Allow playlists/“contract packs” so contracts that have the same theme or ‘story’ are on the same screen
  • (Low priority) Give the option for contract packs to be linear, so you MUST complete the previous one before being able to play the next (Essentially ‘escalation’ contracts)
  • (Very optional, unimportant) Ability to upload a custom picture for your contract on PC. Some of us have Ansel and make great pictures with it, it would be more enticing to get people to play contracts if they could see roughly where in the map it takes place and looks like, etc
  • Allow a simple rating out of 5 for those who have completed the contract (or at least attempted), then allow a “highest rated” section on the contracts screen
  • When you hover your mouse over a contract, or go to the briefing screen, just show the play count (or completed count) on the bottom of the screen somewhere (Saves you clicking on it, clicking leaderboard, clicking Global, then scrolling down to the bottom, just to see how popular a contract is)
  • Show what date a contract was published
  • Ability to mark VIPs (NPC cannot be killed)
  • (Harder to program, low priority) Allow people to comment on contracts (Similar to Steam Workshop items)

In the source mission, some marked NPCs have a different appearance on their photo than in-game. Kinda puts me off making one on that map cause the NPCs I want to make it about have terrible models for their photos compared to their in-game model.

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