Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)

If the game is being sold already in some countries, would be possible for IOI to launch the game tomorrow for gold owners or something? Actually, fuck gold edition, just release the game already for all


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I think you mean amazing shitposting.


Surely we can come up with some better posts with only about 40 to go - no need to rely on spam and shitposting.

vault glitches behind you
pshhh, nothing personnel kid

missed opportunity, should have been “my analysts are closing in as we speak”. but its still great regardless

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The Hitman Memes thread is that way

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Hey we only have space for like 43 more posts

Shoutout @ Shaq Fu jajajajaja

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He’s right though we should discuss deep and meaningful content. So I propose we start a book club and use the remaining space to discuss each entry in the complete works of Arthur Conan Doyle

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Did this already happen?

I don’t know, mang, that sounds cool and all, but is it a proper level, as in roughly one-sixth of the game the way Paris was? Or is it more like a bonus mission with a lot of empty map?

It sounds worse by the minute… And I actually criticized someone for being too negative… Well sorry you were right about it. So we actually only get 5 levels for full price… Nice


It’s on now


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it’s happening now. theyre just stalling


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Like Shaq Fu is not deep and meaningful content. You disrespect Shaq with your blasphemy. That juicy Shaq meat will be mine.

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A level being smaller doesnt mean it’s not a level. It’s about the quality overall, otherwise we’d not be accepting 6 levels in these past games over BM’s 11.

Shitposting aside its great to see that this thread started with the very first trailer, and that it’s ending just by the time that Hitman 2 releases. What a fun ride it has been, good to be have been a part of it

Lets discuss the entire Cassandra Snow series by Craig Black instead :wink:

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Please don’t let this thread die on yet another fucking pointless debate on NZ and its size. Let it die in the warm embrace of Michael Jordan’s baseball career ]