Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


Because it’s probably for Sapienza


Oh I don’t mind @AGENT_58 but he’s going to Paris, not that it changes something in EU you can travel freely.

But the gun has all the components on the other side.
Plus what model that we are never going to use is that? It’s a Gold Cup by the way for those wondering.
But everything is on the wrong side, unless it’s a pistol for lefties.


I mirrored the image, now the text on the ejection port is readable. So it IS a mirrored picture. :joy:


I know that, but why? The passports are ok


They probably have no render of the other side and still wanted that picture.


it’s a very odd image. it looks like a loadout screen with the map, challenge icons, target pictures, fiber wire, coin, picture of the palace.

but then it has things like the passports, the pouches at the top, a gun we’ve never used before, and bullets lined up. not to mention it’s not even a H2 map. it’s just Paris from 2016 :thinking:



If that’s the new loadout screen then I must say I quite like how it’s cleanly organized.

Why do you say we will never use it?


Wait and you will see.


I don’t believe they said this at all. Check 25 m 37 s.


Correct. Thanks sir!


It takes all of my will power not to indulge in one of these streams. I will appreciate Miami more I am sure not knowing any of the opportunities.


As of today (at least for me) 2 Months left!!!


Same here! And think I already know how to achieve Silent Assassin in Miami.


cartridge extractor on left side of pistol? Oh IOI…
Nah I don’t even surprised.


I hope that’s all we are going to see in terms of levels. I don’t mind trailers etc like “Welcome to the Jungle”, but I don’t want to see any more levels explored.

I want to keep the suspense :wink:


I got done my model for my new sniper case project.

The briefcase should be this long to hold that thing inside. That small is ok to hold what? 2 pistols like in Absolution.
Not even if you cut the sniper in 2 you can fit it inside because look how long the barrel is compared with the rest and I’m talking about the case shown in Miami and the Jaeger which resembles a lot the Barrett 50.cal.

WA2000 alone is 89 cm long. This case I had made is 90 cm long.
Siege 300 should be almost the same if not 80/85 cm long. But the Jaeger is almost as big as 47 and remember 47 is 1.88 meters tall.


As you can see, that briefcase is too small. Even Codename 47 had a better proportion for the R93.
Which in fact was even shown inside how it was positioned and disassembled.


i think they’re willing to throw out some realistic proportion for gameplay purposes. we’re getting a disassembling animation, anyway, i don’t think they should focus too much on how perfectly it fits.

we’re getting the large sniper briefcase, anyway. it might be for the immersion-fans (choice between small briefcase and large briefcase), since it should be able to fit the sniper in realistically, as well as void the assembling animation.


Even if it is longer, it still need to be torn apart. The barrel should be detachable but still it remains a maybe 110 cm case.


yeah, i guess we’ll see how IO handles it at release