Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


It’s so noticeable for me that briefcase now is too small.It would be impossible to fit rifle that big inside of it,I hope they tweak that.

That was such a cool detail.I always loved C47 for that,since no other Hitman games showed you actual parts of sniper inside the case


This is all you get to know how the sniper is inside. Contracts had a peek in the trailer but it was just a thing for that moment and that trailer only.


Never noticed it TBH and wasn’t annoyed by it. I’d rather have them remove that snapping sound.


People cried because of there wasn’t the suitcase in the game. So they have it. So now they will moaning that it is too short? Give me a break! That calls a blind obsession or a stupidity. Or both.

I totaly don’t care and think you shouldn’t also. It’s just a game not a simulator of life.


What seems to be to problem officer?

Weren’t you the guy with the Hitman Asylum website? Those were a lot of details for some one who doesn’t care much about aesthetics.


Yes, I pay attention to details and a lot. But only when it is practical and has a purpose. I get your point, really (many times, like everybody on this forum), that’s cool that you like that kind of details. Just wan’t to point that you’re maybe little too much obsesed about all these pointless details - which in end of the day - doesn’t matter at all. Think about it.


You’re right. I am really obsessed with details. But just for the accessories such as the weapons.

At the end of the game it won’t even matter, but it will be a nice thing to add some realism. As you see the Jaeger is HUGE! Almost as big as 47.
While the briefcase they are shoving so far could be use for something like this.


now that they’re adding all these idle animations, i’d really like 47 to pretend to use the explosive phone while he has it equipped. i really like walking around sapienza and listening to NPC conversations, but it looks weird with 47 just standing still looking into space.


You need to understand one fact that making a game runs with own rules. You can’t simply copy’n paste all solutions from real life into game, because that in most cases - won’t work. If they will add a big enough suitcase they should also take care about animation how slower character should run/walk with such a big item. There is also additional aspect of anatomy when you carring such a big suitcase. When you run, you - the center of gravity changes, the character moves more slowly, less naturally.

There is many aspect that affects gameplay. You can’t spend all resources to make everything perfect. There is a lot that kind of decision for designers, and they must take compromises. And game need to be a game and be fun after all.


Still love this! Seems as relevant to the conversation even more now then 17 days ago :sweat_smile:


i hope they remove shooting open doors with silenced weapons. it’ll be pretty OP and would make the lockpick near useless. with unsilenced weapons is good, but not with silenced weapons please.


I’m not really sure I would object. Shooting open a lock takes ammo, time to properly aim since you must aim at the lock, time with your weapon out where you could be spotted, and even though its silenced wouldnt the bullet impact still potentially get someones attention wouldnt it?


it only takes 5 bullets. there’s most likely not enough locked doors for it to matter how much ammo you use to open them, as the default ammo count you start with is enough to last. not to mention you can just refill by finding another pistol.
time to aim at the lock is irrelevant, just get close to the lock and shoot.
if you are shooting the door open, most likely you’re not doing it in a place where you could be spotted or where somewhere could hear the shots/impact. same with the lockpick

however, the lockpick animation seems to be way faster now, and that might compensate for being able to shoot open doors. and you’re right, there is more risk in using the gun. but still, you’re always gonna have a pistol by default, unlike the lockpick, so it worries me a bit.


Late reply I know but doesn’t Silent Assassin literally have joke targets like a fat neckbeard Malaysian hacker and a guy who does coke off a woman’s tits?


I think that the neckbeard hacker was a serious threat, I mean he was decoding or duplicating missile guidance systems or something. I think that is more serious threat but they subverted that by making him stereotypical (even literal) basement dweller


Yeah, sorta defuses the tension a bit. Not to mention there’s a target who literally pirates Hitman, seems like the mood of Silent Assassin is often exaggerated.


Malaysia is a complete tonal shift from the serious levels before (Russia and Japan) and all the levels after it are serious as well. It is really weird, luckily all the games after had a consistent tone (level wise, the tones between all Hitman games are different)


i really don’t understand with this obsession with having a visibly dark atmosphere to every game.
2016 has so many dark themes in it, yet people turn a blind eye to it because the levels are bright and the NPCs say funny stuff sometimes.
i really don’t get it. there have plenty of levels pre-Absolution that have been bright and funny on the outside but have darker undertones. what makes 2016 any different?

my theory is that it’s due to all levels being bright and not overly dark in 2016. it doesn’t have as much variety as the pre-Absolution games had (good mix of tonally dark and bright levels), which can cloud judgement. but i’d like to hear what the pro-dark atmosphere ppl have to say.


It is why I love Hitman so much. Every stealth game feels the need to be dark and gritty, Hitman has the balance of dark and light because 47 is not a military grunt like the Snakes and Sam Fisher. It was also why my least favourite games are the pre-Blood Money games, the levels in BM, HITMAN and even Absolution are unique.


I don’t know, but I guess it’s got something to do with the amount of humor involved for various situations too. But personally, I like it as much as the other ones.