Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


I know that is supposed to make me go yikes this dude is evil but seeing that line made me laugh a little


Yeah it’s very cartoon bad guy. Like when they introduce a bad guy in an anime by saying he’s strongerer and badderer than the last bad guy.


all I want is a location set in a neighborhood.
Just like the one in blood money. I would play that over and over and over again


Well apparently a second North America level is suppose to be a suburb


If the North Sea level is the final location, I cant see Locksley being the final target. My prediction is that Hitman 2 will end with us eliminating the Shadow Client.


Well, I can’t see the second season ending like that especially since we still have “season 3”. I see them teaming up. But at this point in time we all know so little about the story to make anything other than manic guesses


Doubt they’ll waste the shadow client as a target. im guessing he will be the final target in hitman 3 which if i remember right the original plan was to have 3 seasons.


Season finale is probably killing Olivia Hall


I think Hall will be eliminated with Reynard, Providence would let those loose ends dangle


Its just my prediction. The plan is to have three seasons, yes, but since we are now taking contracts from Providence, it seems natural to kill the Shadow Client in Season 2, and then turn around and take down Providence in Season 3.

While the Colorado scene certainly demonstrates some sort of uneasy knowledge between the two, I think their personal beliefs about how the world works will still prevent them from teaming up. The Shadow Client believes in making a truly free world from people like Providence, and for 47, a contract is a contract, and currently Providence is the one they are taking contracts from.


While Olivia Hall is important, I just dont think they’ve put enough importance on her to make her the Season 2 finaly target. I think she would have to be coupled with either the Shadow Client himself or another high ranking militia member.


You are probably right, I guess anything can happen in the story though.


Slightly random, but something that just occured to me. In the Situs Inversus mission, until you unlocked mastery level 20, you wern’t allowed to take any items with you due to the high security of the GAMA facility. Would you want something like that to happen again with maybe one of the Season 2 maps?

Granted, I know that apparently whatever the unlock system is is going to be different for Hitman 2, so no idea if that will be feasible under whatever the new system is, but I must admit, I kindof liked it when they did it with Situs Inversus, so I wouldn’t mind if they did it again with say the last mission of Hitman 2.


I think you answered it in your final paragraph, it’s not that every game should have an entirely dark atmosphere for every level, but when there’s multiple levels in each game it would add to variety to have one or two levels. I even think the levels are big enough now to even have contrasting areas within it , with their own music cues and atmosphere


With that new World Of Assassination platform system, i’m sure we can content everybody by bringing different tones and atmospheres through the 3 seasons (at least 18 different levels!!) :+1:


eh, you should be able to do it with big silenced wepaons at least imo




Miami gameplay hype!


I hope for another Colombia trailer, but no gameplay