Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


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Said perfectly.

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At this point I just want to say thank you, Watson. It’s been a long day and it’s way more easier to quote you instead :wink:


I wonder if will ever see a reward for killing all guards in a mission


You already do in Sniper Assassin.


If they get a marketing guy its to do marketing. Im sure they are gonna show a full colombia trailer! HYYYYYYYYPE!!!


Nah. You should be able to do it with the silenced shotgun at the very least


yeah, that would make sense.


Tokyo Game Show huh, good maybe I can finally catch live information updates instead of having to wait a whole day.


If we kill the Shadow Client at the end of S2, it could open up a nice little storyline where 47 then spends S3 working for Providence before turning against them. It might add more variety to the storyline, and bring in new plot opportunities. Otherwise it’s potentially three games of the Shadow Client vs Providence.


I’ll complain on just one. I like the rainy levels and miss those.


We don’t know if any of the later missions could be rainy or not.


NZ and The North Sea can be rainy, but I wouldn’t mind if they held off on the rain, there was an entire game filled with rain levels


Depends which ones you’re talking about. Convoluted characters aren’t desirable either. Pablo’s obviously inspired by Tony Montana, fitting in with the pop-culture vibe of the game; and his insanely high health definitely made me more careful around him. Simplicity isn’t what’s in contention though, as it’s more about the nature of the targets over everything else, and the clear lack of variety I’m seeing with HITMAN.

The idea of mixing humour amongst serious tones is always desirable, but that alone doesn’t mean the writing is good. A lot of the random NPC dialogue is cringey and overbearing. If you’re looking to mix humour with darker themes, you need them to strike a balance – I’m just not seeing it here.

Having a consistent tone throughout the game is a sign of effective art direction, and HITMAN has gone for an airy, casual theme, with no variety in weather, mixed in with a “James Bond-ish” tone and soundtrack. That’s their choice, but I find it rather bland and uninspired – it doesn’t feel like a natural progression from the past games.


What 90% probability that this is going to happen
I can see this :rofl:


You do realise that without Ort-Meyer four of the five main targets are Gangsters. We have a Triad, a Cartel Boss, a Neo-Nazi and a Russian Mafia gunrunner. In fact all of the Hitman Targets until Blood Money were career criminals (even Blood Money had a slew of criminals).

I don’t find the dialogue in HITMAN bad either, it feels more human and natural. In fact I remember lines of dialogue from these new games the only dialogue from the old games that I remember are “names are for friends. so I don’t need one” (a line that is only good because of Batesons’ performance, anyone else and it would be terrible), “I need to use the bathroom” (which is stilted, weird and absurd) and 47’s monologue at the end of Silent Assassin (which is the only well written piece here).


What if they show the Real Silverballers and Real Blackballers? What if IO was so taken by your dedication to the guns, they show a trailer featuring them just for you?



did u know that miami is a map in the game? crazy IO


I don’t know man didn’t they incorporate the Oldballers into one of the logos they showed in Gamescom. At the end of one of the game play trailers


sven confirmed it was just for coolness, not hinting at anything