Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


A dev. told me here right in this thread that it was only a design choice for the trailer but it won’t be in the game.


Every target in every Hitman game is a criminal. In HITMAN they merely decided to make more of their targets criminals in suits, all with some connection to international terrorism. Not a whole lot a variety there if you ask me, but there are exeptions like Jordan Cross.

Cut-scene dialogue, no. But in-game NPC dialogue is some of the cringiest stuff I’ve heard. Everyone sounds like they’re voiced by comedians, consistently trying to make funny and awkward remarks. We have a whole thread on this.

It is an objective fact that “I need to use the bathroom” is the best single line in Hitman ever!


i still need examples of what u mean by this. there has not been a single dialogue i have cringed at. (i see the thread now)

and what do you mean by no variety in weather? in paris it’s nearing night time with open skies, feels a bit blue. sapienza is bright, sunny, cloudy. marrakesh has that summer heat feel with the orange and beige. bangkok goes for a sunset feel. colorado feels wet, like a morning rain shower. and hokkaido is very snowy and cold, windy as well.


That is subjective opinion. the objective fact is that “Names are for friend, so I don’t need one” is the best quote. :smile:


I think it is an incredible disservice to merely sum up the levels using the weather, the simple fact is that the HITMAN levels are more lived in and there is a sense of purpose in every single design choice in the new levels.

Even Colorado and Bangkok have more life than any of the other respective compound/hotel levels and those are the emptier levels of the new game, and unsurprisingly the levels that try to replicate the old games the most.


Look like you forget the elusive targets (like Bartholomew Argus or Sergei Larin).

Having said though, I remember I was enjoying the scenery of the hospital in Patient Zero (like the purple light and the music) and someone said “Hello, rubber man” and I feel so awkward.

Hmmmm, maybe that’s why I enjoy Sniper Assassin, the view looks stunning and the distraction music is good.


lots of lines in the past Hitman games were cringey as well. lots of the dialogue and accents of c47 were so awkward and bad. blood money is just really bad as well. filled with cringey lines and voice actors.

well you could say “but there was more/some/half-half good lines than bad”. yeah, you could say that for 2016 as well


We are (or at least I am) not saying that all the dialogue is perfect. No film, show, game or literary piece is perfect, as an English major I know that. But there is an effort to bring a sense of realism (not that stupid dark=real Nolan/Snyder bollocks" to the new game and it works like 90 percent of the time (for me)


The rainforest mission doesn’t feature rain, so I doubt we’ll see that at all.


i just looked at the teaser video again, and it seems like it will be more dynamic this time. it’s foggy in one scene and starts to get very bright.


Well, in the latest stream they said they were still tweaking Colombia maybe it is the fact that they cobbled footage from separate builds, maybe there are water falls (the leaks say there is a submarine base) or maybe it is some dynamic weather system the are hiding from us


Heeeey! Oh, I thought you were someone else…


Sure, but in HITMAN there’s so much more dialogue overall, making cringe-filled lines far more discernible. Whereas the quality of dialogue in games like C47 was budget-related (coupled with art direction), it’s clear that the goal of NPC dialogue in HITMAN was to make it the “comic relief” within each mission.
The thread I linked has countless examples of the sort of material I’m referring to. It’s disingenuous to assert the older games were worse in this regard.

As for weather, changing the time of day doesn’t count as “changing” the weather. Only Hokkaido does that; and it looks like the “dark” rainforest we’re getting is yet again drenched in sunlight. We haven’t seen any noticeable weather effects thus far. I’d like to know why, since these elements are great at setting the tone of a mission.


I recently replayed Blood Money and the first thing I did was cringe at the black gangster that accosts 47, Blood Money had a decent budget, but those gangsters are worse stereotypes than a GTA game, while some lines are cringe inducing in the new game at least they were natural or felt somewhat real. The accents only got worse and made me cringe more.

Then there is Absolution and I wince every time Blake talked it was awful, the only dialogue that didn’t make me cringe or was counter the “serious” tone the game was going for was “There are two types of people in this world, my kind and assholes. Guess which one you are?” Which is taken verbatim from John Waters’ “Pink Flamingos”

As I stated above the weather isn’t the only thing that determines a mission (in fact I think the weather is the cheapest way of tone setting or symbolism).@cakeblock941 is also right, the time of day did determine how some missions worked, look at the difference between a Gilded Cage and A House Built On Sand. We have had five whole games of rainy, dark and broody levels (and one whole game with every level raining), IO want to experiment a little and so far I applaud them.

Their constant efforts of going darker and darker led to Absolution, (which is even more tonally inconsistent than HITMAN, even you would have to agree) I feel as thought they now have a balance that makes for a unique stealth experience.


Hitman has always been bondish, I mean evil scientist making perfect clones in his secret underground lab? The only difference are the seedy sex party levels and batman super villain targets.

The new Hitman is much better than the old games imo. But my opinion on the old games has never been a secret.


In all fairness those types of Bonds are the worst Bonds. I mean the inflato-gun, out-windsurfing a LAZER and all that stuff.

But even then sneaking around a Soviet Embassy stealthily taking out Russian generals, extracting a CIA agent from a secret base. Those are like Bonds I love like Craig and Connery


Actually I’ll back the love for rainy levels.
If the levels a good, no quarrels from me.
But a rainy level would be sweet. Possibly a DLC for Columbia!!!


In the end that is all that really matters, rainy or sunny dark or light. Just make a level good, just make a game that is good.


To be fair, you need a really high IQ to understand the older games. The racism is EXTREMELY subtle…


The darker contracts levels still had humour as well, and it was really effective dark humour because the silly things contrasted the setting more. Having the sunny or light hearted level design with shady things going on like Anathema or A New life was just an extension of that same sense of humour, it’s effective but even more so when seen alongside and in contrast with the other levels.