Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


You still haven’t explained anything. How is a Yakuza lawyer any similar to a broken man trying to engineer a vigilante virus? Name an example of cringy dialogue. You’re going in circles and not addressing much of anyone else’s points.


ETHER and Strandberg were connected to international terrorism?


What racism are you talking about exactly?


We had 2 lawyers in 6 missions.


i don’t get how that’s cringey :stuck_out_tongue: neither the delivery or the writing are worth cringin about


so because the budget was bad for c47, it makes the lines any less bad? i could say the amount of NPC VOs was terrible and immersion breaking, but because it was “due to budget” it makes it better? no, it doesn’t.

maybe it’s not that the writing is bad, maybe it’s just not your type of humor. if you noticed, the thread was for “best npc quotes” as in things ppl found funny. it’s fine to not have the same sense of humor as the next person, but using it to criticize the game is silly.

but yes, i see your point. i would love some more weather effects. rain in Colombia would be awesome.


Literally the first mission of Blood Money has black stereotypes in it. “Gotta check you white bread”.


And we had 3 rapists, 2 misogynists and 6 assassins in 11 missions


Fair enough. I guess one reason it feels worse in 2016 because the ability to disguise yourself as a target is absent in main missions.


No one implies that all black people are such, do they?


How would that make them feel less same-y? Wouldn’t that make them more similar?


When all of the black people in the level act like that, yes it does. That’s what a racial stereotype is.


Not really. Another thing worth noting is that there aren’t people of different body build in 2016, that adds to them being more samey. Also, no targets capable of fighting back.


Reducing the whole BM to one level and calling it rasict is like reducing Wolfenstien to just nazi symbols and, therefore, calling it nazist.


BM had a few problems regarding characters and stereotypes, i wouldn’t say that there’s nothing to criticize IO about in that department


Every single woman in Blood Money was either a stick figure with double D tits or an old fat lady.


I would like to point out perhaps the one exception to this, however. Ken Morgan definitly has a different body type from the others.


and soders is literally a fucking table


Let’s not forget that a big part of the way the older titles felt was the soundtrack. Heroic James Bond style music isn’t helping the current games case. Blood Money didn’t have the edginess of Contracts but it did have a great soundtrack.


Well lets go through level by level (this is a long post, at this point I am venting TL:DR all BM characters are stereotypes and/or criminally underwritten)

Death of A Showman: The gangsters are exaggerated black stereotypes and Scoop is a compilation mix of various Gangster tropes

A Vintage Year: Stereotypical South American cartel. They make cocaine, deal cocaine and the youngest Delgado takes cocaine (which retreads several characters), the elder Delgardo is connected to the Pinochet, because if you are age fourty plus in Chile you are automatically connected to that despot.

Curtains Down: Two Roman Catholics, they are both paedophiles.

Flatline: All the targets are mobsters so of course they have thick outlandish New Yawk accents and ran numbers for their family

A New Life: Another Tony Montana rip-off, this one likes to watch futebol and complain about Americans

Murder of Crows: All the people in the level have stupid Southern accents and the main targets are generic assassins. We also have the lovesick pair of criminals I mean they were a better couple than Mr &Mrs. Smith

You Better Watch Out…: The main targets are a blatant rip off of Hugh Heffner/Larry Flint and a stereotypical rich bitch, Bingham thought that his money and political dynasty was an excuse to be a prick. (At least Jordan Cross was complex, conflicted and had a family drama angle)

Also there are several glaring errors like Santa and Diana stating that it is a Tax Day party (despite US auditing happening in April) and that Bingham Jr. is a gubernatorial mistake but Bingham Sr is a senator.

Death On The Mississippi: Even more exaggerated Southern accents, not to mention a gang (Gator Gang, what a lazy name) of wife-beater wearing men with the Confederate flag on their caps. We have another paedophile and this time he is incestuous (because that is not a stereotype at all)

Till Death Do Us Part: This is the third time with the South, this time we have a shotgun marriage and a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

House of Cards: We have a Sheikh who is dressed in stereotypical fashion (weird for such a forward thinking Arab), generic scientist and a white South African who is of course a white supremacist

Dance With The Devil: Another Middle Eastern arms dealer that is like what five now and a generic CIA defector. I completely forgot about the assassins. Eve is the second honeypot assassin (because the only way assassins that are women operate is by using sex) and a generic I am you but evil and I hate you for being better tropes.

Amendment XXV: Another underwritten Albino and a cliche power hungry politician conspiring against his boss to usurp power

Requiem: We finally confront our bland and underwritten villains, we take them out and fin. In fact I think they mucked up Cayne’s name. Some people call him Alexander but in game he is Jack

Thank you for reading the ramblings of a mad man if you did