Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


Yeah I was considering using that argument as well, but technically I’m not sure its correct, because that detail affects his routing in the level, not his body type.

Again, only technically correct. The Best kind of correct. God I’m full of myself.

But yeah, you are right.


The shear fact that IO had so many ways of killing a man on a table is why I think that Hokkaido shames the old Hitman games


Watson already mentioned the great OST of the past games.

if the recent OST bits we’ve been getting is any indication of H2’s OST, i’m very excited


Yeah, when that level first came out it felt like a gamble for the seasons ending, but man did they pull it off. The moment I though, “yeah, I guess there’s a couple ways to take him out” I just kept peeling back layers and finding more. It was a great feeling and felt like a twist after all the healthy moving targets we had throughout the year. I mean just of the top of my head…

  • poison stem cell treatment
  • lethal shot
  • drain body of blood
  • brutally stab about 15 times with KIA malfunctioning
  • reveal yourself causing his heart to to give out
  • get the doctor to kill him for you
  • And my personal favorit:Approach the heart in cold storage and throw it in the trashcan. A kill where you dont even have to see your target.


And every single on of those kills stay with you, my personal favourites are the face reveal, the malpractice kill and KAI sabotage. I forgot the heart dunk, that is so cold


So was every single man.


So you admit that the body types aren’t varied.


That’s not the point. There aren’t big guys in 2016. At all. Also, it’s a bit unfair to compare 2006 and 2016 in terms of technology.


but, there are big guys in 2016 :thinking: not skip muldoon big, but there are definitely varying body types in BM and 2016 :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, Ken Morgan would contradict that claim.


a few crowd npc’s are “big” as well


They aren’t big they are “fun sized” :smile:


But it’s just him and crowd which isn’t even NPCs. In Absolution it was implemented cleverly cause you couldn’t take their disguise just like you can’t do that with women.


Technology has nothing to do with that, it’s an art style choice. Plus 2006 saw some pretty advance games.


And a few of the ETs - the Bookkeeper and the Angel of Death.

The differences in physique is subtle, but arguably more realistic than targets being complete caricatures of different body types. Ken Morgan looks more or less like many of the fatter men I know in real life.



How dare you.


What do you mean, “another“? :smirk:


Having said that, diversity in Hokkaido would have opened up possibilities. Crutches, wheelchairs…kill Yuki by pushing her into the pond with a mobility scooter (accident). :smile:


that’s actually a cool idea, why didn’t that have that. Beating people over the head with crutches and hiding bombs in wheelchairs.

Holy shit.