Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


Trailer is more likely to be shown on EGX.


Or Tokyo Gameshow since that is happening later next week, you are right, I think Africa ComicCon is another small “World of Assassination” trailer with Miami footage


But I’m still hoping… :joy:


Well I am one of those people who wants only small teasers or short trailers for the other levels. I saw all the Paris footage but still loved Paris and the same will likely be for Miami.


Plot twist: It’s a new Miami trailer


Miami is great too! Yeah!


Are we having Ansel as our offical photo mode? @Travis_IOI



47’s new face is gonna take some getting used to


He looks like Pitbull.


i wanted what return penetrate bullets!


He is mr. world wide if you think of it.


What return penetrate bullets? What does that mean?


I think he wants penetrating rounds to return. (I think they did that with the Striker pistol back in 2016)


Well, you’re not so far off.


It took me 3 second to notice it was 47.Which is a lot.


So I looked up Africa ComicCon and oddly enough the venue is a multi-purpose space. It is a combination of Expo building and a racing circuit :grinning:


Sure looks like it :smiley:


do you guys know where to watch Comic con africa live?


There’s nothing, sadly. :disappointed_relieved:


lets hope a new trailer drops off today