Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


I doubt it.

Panel is happening right now.


I’m guessing nothing was revealed at comic con africa right?


Another Miami reference you’ll :heart:


Unfortunately no, the only thing I could find is this article(interview with IO’s marketing director) which includes nothing new


I can’t believe it how right I was…
I mean I really expected it’s going to be another Miami level like all the other 50 times. But some how


Well, CCA is not a big event and the panel wasn’t even streamed, so it was obvious there won’t be anything new.

I would put all my bets on EGX, though.


When is EGX this year?
NEVER MIND I googled it


We’re only 60 days from release now. Wouldn’t surprise if the marketing is going to start to ramp up in a short while.




Hitman has always been about dressing up


Hitman levels are like a costume party where everybody dies. :grin:


What are these cut out thing supposed to be. I never saw any of them



So they are releasing splashes that contain items and images unique to the levels of 2016, so that is two down four to go. That sniper rifle is different to the other ones in the game, it’s handle is wooden. But I think @badeaguard would know more, I rarely use sniper rifles.


I’m having second guesses about this being a load out screen. But if it is menu related then it is interesting that it has the bonus targets listed.


it’s the PSG1 apparently


it’s most likely just some promo images tbh.


Is the PSG1 in HITMAN or is it returning?


They need licenses to use real guns nowadays so I doubt it


I know that, even I know the Seigler is a Walther Armaments rifle. But is this rifle new to the game or was it a mastery that I missed.