Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


That’d ruin balance. Just have the suitcase be in the smuggle point tab and choose that to start with it.

Tho I’d quite like the firearm option in the inventory to just be another gear slot. So I can have a suitcase and nothing but coins lol.


You didn’t get me. You can disable them in 2016.


There should be a extra load-out slot for the briefcase (after its unlocked).


Same. I don’t mind it.


It looked a bit weird but I guess they wanted to differentiate it from the marksman ability. Maybe we’ll get more time-slowing items?


Marksman ability? Have i missed something? You mean point shooting from Absolution?


You can squeeze the trigger slightly on sniper rifles to slow down time.


Oh yeah… i forgot. I think it was shift on PC. It’s a very handy feature.


The marksman ability got me thinking. I miss the Absolution leftover which was in HITMAN’s beta build, the badass slow motion which activated with every headshot. Check the video below.



Hmm I was quietly hoping for some improvements to the mission planning screen.

I like that there’s now a background from the mission itself, that’s an improvement. And the “objectives” part looks a little better because the target image tiles seem slightly improved.

But it’s a shame all the items and disguises still have the bland, ugly greyscale background in the middle of these clunky tiles. Don’t get me wrong, there’s so much that’s looking amazing and improved that I recognize this sounds nitpicky. I just think it’d be so much more pleasing to the eye if the guns and items, instead of floating in this strange grey ether, appeared to be laying on a table (and in particular the way that things are laid out in the startup screen for 2016).


There was a lot of that stuff that could be modded back into the game, including point shooting, but it was hilariously broken


It’s probably for co op/PvP mode I guess…


That might make them harder to see.


As much as I want to sift through all the new content from Colombia, having so much of Miami already spoiled has convinced me it’s better to wait a few weeks and actually play the game.

Also it’s good to hear IOI don’t have plans to keep revealing all the locations like this, they had me worried for a while there.


I totally hope for the option to just burn that shit. :smiling_imp: Doing so should cause a strong reaction from all targets and create some opportunities.


Agreed. Hopefully they’ll just create a trailer for the other locations.

If you’re not looking into Colombia, I can at least tell you that it’s large, detailed and authentic.


holeeey sheeit, this is comedy gold :laughing:


Ah… the coding for point shooting still exists in the files? Hmm, the NPCs skyrocketing into ragdolls when shot leads me to conclusion that there are different ragdoll effects for normal shots and point shots.


Which video is this? Looks like good footage.