Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


Makes we wanna use it. I hate it when the game slows down when I use instinct for a millisecond. Feels off.


I’m still turning instinct off along with the HUD it’s just how I play :wink:


Yup, second that. But, am really looking forward to it though!


Map of a single floor of Santa Fortuna I cut together. Linked to full version below



He was just walking around after having completed an opportunity.
For some reason, every channel used the opportunities.



Comic con / igromir Russia 6-7 of october 2018

update: Clemens was there. He played Miami. There were 2 versions of hm2 - ps4 and pc. Both versions has crashed sometimes.

and kid playing miami




i wonder, whats the purpose of placing it back


I really love the glass panels with weapons, It seems IO have really stepped up their convention game. Not that they haven’t been good at it with the other games. But this is a lot more interesting.


Now we just need them to step up their merch game and actually sell some of all the cool stuff!
Actually I just really wish I could go to one of these…


Crazy idea. On higher difficulties guards notice when bigger items go missing?


Really- We are either talking about a different thing or they made a patch after landslide was release that allowed you to disable them.
Im talking about the very small squared that hover above objects you can pick up and such??

Those can be disabled in Hitman 2016?


Well no, that’s part of the mod :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean the white outline on objects and people you can interact with? If so, then yes, it can be disabled in the “Interaction highlight” option in the Gameplay part of the configuration menu. Presumably the same option returns on HITMAN 2 as well.


Yes. They can be disabled in 2016.


The small squares hovering over interactable things can’t be disabled in 2016.


I thought I did disable them. Well, maybe my memory is not that good.


Maybe they’ll fix that in HITMAN 3
who knows


Yes. these are what I am talking about.
Can you disable them in Hitman 2??


There is a mod that disables all UI but this is not really a solution. I would not bet to have way more options than we had in 2016.


Seems like an insignificant thing. Then again I did complain about crowbars and keys.