Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


Out of the leaks and into the open…


Really cool look here at the challenges screen from Miami main mission aka The Finish Line!

My favorite thing is that some of the challenges have been broken off in to a section called The Classics. Also that they appear to have a challenge for completing things like Silent Assassin, Silent Assassin Suit Only and Sniper Assassin that are each Difficulty specific! (I know that this was technically true of the last game but they didn’t go towards the same mastery track!)
I absolutely love this!:heart_eyes:
Levels appear to have a single mastery track of unlocking new items and weapons to use across the whole game and completing challenges on different difficulties yield more mastery xp for that level. What it also means is that when any of us want to do silent assassin suit only on Master difficulty runs that there is a challenge for it!
This was sort of my hope all along. Higher risk equals higher rewards going towards unlocks!


side note: This is the only one of the Classics challenges that the player scrolled through on this video


OMG! SHASHKA? Serious?! Im from Яussia and I sad to hear that! It AK-47! He not have copyright! Why IO not named it AK?


so apparently you’re gonna have to find the ICA Briefcase somewhere in the Miami level in order to unlock it.

i noticed that the guy at Giant Bomb found the briefcase in a random place (it’s not a smuggle point).

and i wondered, why is it just laying there in a non-smuggle point location? i wondered if IO just put it there as a sort of little game for the pre-beta demo players to find.

but then at the end screen, i noticed this challenge:

so, i believe that instead of unlocking the ICA Briefcase through Level Mastery, you unlock it by finding it in a random place in Miami. thank you for coming to my Ted Talk


because it’s not an AK-47.



Because other nations do have copyright, because Russia still holds the patents for the original rifle and this is their way of no being sued by the creator.


Is there anything about the Constant?






Presumably that’s a piece of intel in itself, not what 47 stores it on, right?


With the briefcase doesn’t it unlock as an item that can be brought in to the level at the end of that video?


Norinco Type 56?



yeah he unlocks it. i just think he unlocked because he found it on the map, not because his location mastery went up, but idk


Seems to me that if you haven’t unlocked the briefcase with mastery, you can find a generic one in some of the levels. Same way if you haven’t the lethal syringe you can find it in the doctor’s office/clinic.

Simply something to tide you over until you unlock the ICA version etc.
My pre-order gives me the “Italian briefcase” from the get go. Otherwise I’d have to level up in Miami seemingly to be able to unlock it or spawn in without it but find a tourists version of the briefcase maybe.


yeah that’s true. like how the fish is in the kitchen, but you can also unlock the fish to keep.


that seems to be the one most similar to the ingame model, so yeah


No there has been nothing about him and not likely to show up since The Constant is Providence and we are working with them


He definitly unlocks the breifcase for location mastery level five at the end of the Miami Giant Bomb video. seems to be tied to that. Cool that they would leave another lying around for you though.


Appears to be a representative image, more of a generic object similar to the tutorial pop-ups in 2016’s training levels.


It would be cool if there was a private meeting in one of the levels, and we could swap the breifcase with documents of the target’s with our own- with a bomb inside?
Another thing would be to swap someones own phone the the ICA Explosive Phone.