Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


On the newest episode of the Giant Bombcast, one of the guys who went to IO and got to play Colombia revealed that you can dress up as the hippo.

…I am quite sure that he’s wrong about this, but I like his imagination.


well, you can dress up as a hippo whisperer. i guess that’s close enough??


He means hippie, it is an opport… I’m sorry Mission Objective or what ever they are called now. It allows one access to Jorge Franco I believe


i love that the hippie is actually a drug dealer lmao. there were tons of contracts in 2016 where it made the hippie a drug dealer, and now IO made it canon :’)


thats just a Feat’s XP, not unlocking.
ica briefcase unlocks at miami mastery level 5


yes, ik now. i guess the challenge is just for finding the briefcase


That bad boy looks like it’s runninng Windows 2000! :joy:


What’s that button? Haven’t seen anything like it before tho.


I hope this time the number of targets is more diverse. In the previous HITMAN game we had two missions with 1 target (the tutorial), four missions with two targets, one with two targets and an additional thing to do (destroy the virus) and one with four targets (plus the whole ‘gain access to the tornado shelter’).

So far we have seen two missions in HITMAN 2, one with two targets and the other one with three targets.

How about a mission with five targets? ^^


Four words: Death on the Mississippi. That is why we have no more than four targets per level


Ha! Too true and they all looked the damn same too!!


More targets MIGHT just work since the levels are large than a steamer. So who knows?


I really liked that mission. It gave you the feeling that you’re really wiping out a whole gang by killing his leader and all his lieutenants.
Of course it could have been handled better. For instance, make more unique characters and a different location.


Console player, I wouldn’t know.
Not my video, by the way

and @Jamy47, as Edna Krabapple puts it, Hah!


Colombia is HUGE! They could literally make a whole suburb! (Of course, way bigger than A New Life)


Well according to the leaks they ARE making a suburbia level.




We need a hotel! It’s a must, you know it.


I’d rather to have more objectives than targets
Maybe 2 targets with 2 objectives
And When I say objectives, I don’t mean picking up something from the target after killing him
Something cool and hard to do
That works better for me


Also judging by the leaks Mumbai sees the return of optional targets provided there have been no changes