Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


I agree. More things to do is always good.

I remember in some of the old games where you had to free a hostage, obtain information or talk to contacts. That was amazing, it should come back.


I am with you…
But one with VERTICALITY! Bangkok was good, but we need more! Like a gym, indoor (or outdoor) pool, etc.


I was a child back then and I remember I didn’t understand English when I was playing hitman games
I’d manage to kill the targets but I couldn’t exit the mission because there was other things to do
So I asked my brother to help me translate the objectives so that I can figure out what should I do now
Good memories :slight_smile:


I want pool so bad
It’s perfect for a Hitman level


Yeah, something more similar to the hotel from Traditions of the Trade. It doesn’t have to be a luxury hotel, tho.


Remember the gym in Flatline (BM) and the pool in traditions of the trade (Contracts) ! I agree, something I like about drowning your target in a pool or choking them with a dumbbell


Now I know most people are wishing for another cameo of Agent Smith, but I’m wondering if we are ever going to see Yurishka again ^^


More world building. I like it.


We had a hotel. And there’s a hostel in Colombia.

Also objectives in Hitman games have never been good.



So… 33% of the campaign already officially spoiled to death.



More like 10-15%, considering there are several ways to take out each target? :slight_smile:


You want to say you saw every corner of Miami and Santa Fortuna and you know every possibility on these maps?

It’s just 10%.


Probably even less


I don’t know if this one has been posted yet, (sorry if so) but this shows/spoils alot.
Shadow clients name, and all starting locations, (Especially the top right one)
Love the briefing video…


Do you have a fix on a location?


No as far as I know the location is still Mumbai, India. It appears to be a market place, along with a gang hideout and a Bollywood studio


hoping @mendietinha will share a decent run of colombia.

every colombia videos on yt are crap. no one completed with silent assassin rank.



Fixed it for yah :wink:


F*ck yeah…