Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


Just… don’t watch? I only saw bits and pieces of Miami and Colombia is so far all blank for me save for the teaser IOI made for Colombia.


I’m avoiding as hell Columbia. I don’t want to hate it like Miami.


You hate Miami?
It’s an amazing level!


I don’t know if I can say that I hate it. But almost yes. I saw so much of it, I had high hopes for new trailers when something was announced instead every single time it was Miami that I pretty much cringe when I see again a Miami video of some one else playing.


True. We need detailed info about the new rating system! Is “SA” still the only title you’re gonna get or there’s much more like Hired Killer, Professional or Super Ninja? Please find out @mendietinha <3


You haven’t seen everything yet calm down. We haven’t even seen the eye drop or tree on the apple kills.


Yeah. Has anyone disguised as a racer yet? I want to be able to RACE


The leak says it’s a city in the North Sea, right? That means (because there’s no other island city apart from Singapore) there’s 8 possible locations for this “North Sea City”: United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. And since we’ve already had missions in two of these locations (NL and France), I think we can rule those out




My bad, didn’t think of that; done now.


But what makes you think that if I play it I would like it more? I seen so much I’m sick of it. That’s all


Same. The game is only one month away from release so it doesn’t have to be hard to avoid spoilers.


No offense but that’s kind of your own fault if you watched everything knowingly. Granted they streamed that location way longer than they should have but I still adamantly refuse to watch any gameplay and know nothing about Miami


I didn’t watched much. Bits of it here and there. I just can’t stand Miami for the reason that everything they shown and every hope I got to see something new was in Miami.


It’s Shalashaska :smile: And it’s pretty hard to pronounce in Russian for the first time.

That’s why the whole story of the Ocelot’s nickname sounds even more stupid, that it is. Nobody will call you with nickname, that he can’t even pronouce right and fast :smiley:


Elusive target #1 The Undying will be in Miami on 11/20 for 10 days.



Spins guns

In the west they gave me the nickname godwhyareyouspinningthosegunslikethatyoucouldshootsomeoneifyouarenotcarefulstopit. But you can call me Shalashaska.


Just a week after release? IO is going with everything now.


He’s carrying a pistol. Will he try to kill 47 when threatened? :thinking:


A silenced one too. I want to see that but I’m unsure if that’s actually gonna happen. :grin: