Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


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He does have a reason to be angry almost half a year of advertising and it has been mostly Miami. I respect IO wanting to hold all their cards close to their chest, I also respect @badeaguard’s complaints about wanting to see more.


So that’s great. We don’t have to wait for 1 month to get our first ET this time… Nice.

Also… I get that people don’t have all the time in the world, and that’s why these time limits are of 10-14 days, but I do hope they change the time limit of them every now and again. Make it 7 days, make it 5 days. I want to feel like the World of Assassination moves fast.


is that the character sean bean is playing?


I knew the picture reminded me of someone in particular. The Undying would be the inverse of the meme “Sean Bean always dies” and Sean Bean only dies in things that are good (with Civ 6 being an exception) :grinning:.


:exploding_head::smiling_imp: Holy hell these two announced levels are going to be huge for stuff to discover! Just took another look at the challenges count on Miami and Santa Fortuna Colombia. In the betas we’ve got 91 for Miami and 78 for Santa Fortuna Colombia! That’s just challenges and not counting Mission stories (new name for opportunities)

Considering that when all was said and done Paris had 105 and Sapienza had 109. That’s counting all the escalations and bonus challenges.

When Miami is done and all the challenges appear on screen there are 83 visible but the counter at the end says 91 total challenges.This might mean that escalations (or other modes) make up the remaining 8 challenges not shown. Since it would make sense that you wouldn’t see escalation or other game modes with challenges as possibly attainable during the main story mission.
Edit: It looks like in the Finish Line there are 91 available challenges when before the player starts the level except that there are some in the Classics category (posted a picture of it yesterday) that are difficulty specific. I guess at the end of the level it was actually not including the 8 challenges that were specific to the Casual and Master difficulty since the player chooses Professional. Even better!!!



So to think, IO is gonna reveal The Undying on 17th, Oct. Does this mean the target may be Agent 17 who is not dead? :sweat_smile:


The image of The Undying has hair though.


Could be 17 mastering the art of wearing wigs just like his big bro.


Basically yes.



Whaaaat :smiley: , David Bateson himself playing Hitman? I love it!



These are from https://elusive-target.hitman.com.


I legitimately think its gonna be Sean Bean. The brief look of his head and chin seems so familiar
Also, how can you not ironically call Sean Bean “The undying” when he dies in every film he is in :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, actually that would be really clever marketing from IO around release. A lot of media would with no doubt be covering how you get to kill Sean Bean again in the new Hitman.


Please yes yes yes yes! It would be good eliminate Agent 17


Already revealing ETS? Nice, makes me more have more hype for the game


ETs are a clever way to make people not wait for discounts.


47 making those sweet Bollywood dances is something I can get behind


It surely looks like Sean Bean.
Just look at fold near eye. Exact same.


It’s 100% him