Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


I wonder if we only get celeb ETs now. The Wildcard was loved by many, maybe they paid more attention to the contract’s content so they are allowed to reopen celeb ETs on a second run.


David Bateson’s comments were so funny in this, he had me laughing all through it. He’s a good sport.


But isn’t he the voice of the Shadow Client in the Miami launch trailer? I’d assumed they had replaced the voice actor with Bean.


no, they already said Bean wasn’t replacing the Shadow Client


Could direct me to that please?


lost the source, you’re a few months late on the news. it was a question at H2’s reveal


Which video is this from? do you have a link? I’d love to check out how the challanges look myself! :slight_smile:


It can’t be, it says “Undying”. We all know that Sean Bean always bites the dust, it does make him perfect as a Hitman target though.


Wow. An official website now too!
IO’s marketing/production budget must have increased a lot since Season 1. (the pictures of the props and displays at the various conventions are cool, too.)


"The Undying" :smile:

Pretty sure it’s Sean Bean, great choice, definitely a quality Elusive Target :blush:

⏱ HITMAN 2: Elusive Targets--MEGA THREAD

For England James???


Oh man I’m so stoked if the Undying is in fact Sean Bean!!! Maybe he is friends with Gary Cole and they are going to go on a Miami vacation together! :sweat_smile::palm_tree::sunglasses:

The Miami challenges screen is here: https://youtu.be/5w2bmFoInd8?t=3509
and they also scroll through all Miami challenges here (major spoilers) https://youtu.be/5w2bmFoInd8?t=168

The Santa Fortuna challenges screen is here: https://youtu.be/oDdoOILED9s?t=2993

the Santa Fortuna one is covered by all the youtube stuff on from the person’s channel. Also they click out of it really fast before it finishes.


That briefing looks really sexy. Also like that there seems to be more story reasons for the missions.


the briefings look more like the patient zero briefings, which is cool.

but what do you mean by story reasons? you mean the mission stories or?


Meant that there are story reasons for going to Colombia, they’re there to cripple the cartel in their plan to take down the Shadow Client. Hitman 2016 had more unrelated reasons for its targets.


True. But in the end they hang together because SC was choosing the targets for his benefit but they seemd looser in the beginning. Now its the ICA taking down the SC one mission after the other I recon.


And Providence is paying! So why not? :smile_cat:


yeah that’s true. the targets in 2016 were all for the SC’s benefit, but they all were connected loosely. now it’s against SC, plus all targets are being killed for our new Providence partners


Please be Sean Bean please be Sean Bean please be Sean Bean…


it is. the comparison images some1 posted above make it so obvious it’s him :stuck_out_tongue: