Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


Has anyone already posted the Giant Bomb playthrough of Miami? If not, here it is:

I didn’t realise we’re getting difficulty settings back! This is awesome.


yeah, you’re like very late. we already discussed the whole thing :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah, difficulty settings being back makes me happy


Three difficulties: Casual, Professional and Master.


Noice. Thanks mate, will be sure to memorise all these to get some routes going :slight_smile:


Yeah the difficulty stuff looks really cool. Seems to change quite a bit from one to the next. I really like the names of each as well! The main thing that difficulty seems to change is for the challenges know as The Classics
I talked about it above if you want to check it out here

Was there anything else that stood out to you about the new difficulties?

haha no problem. I posted maps of both levels above, as well :yum: blurry and spoiler free of course!


You obviously haven’t met their accountant. After his predecessor spent all their money putting a disembodied eye on the US currency as part of an inside joke, Providence has been on an economy drive. Members used to get solid gold watches, now they get dove pins stolen from church yard sales.

But, y’know, they are the lesser evil!


He drops the gun 47 picks it up and now you have dual ballers. Unlock. !


That is absolutely awesome!!!



Agent @mendietinha is in place :sunglasses:


TL:Dr what are the difference between the difficulties and how many are?


Casual, Professional, Master.

20181010_172148 20181010_172200

nobody played on Master yet


My OCD is bothered that the first paragraph under the Casual difficulty has a bullet point and is indented. It should be the same as the first paragraph of the Professional difficulty.

Other than that formatting nitpick, looks great!


Those difficulty descriptions are kind of sloppy. There are a few grammar errors (e. g. it should say “fewer enforcers”), and there’s a weird formatting difference between the two difficulties in the indenting of the first paragraph.


Those sorts of things are usually the last thing IO look at for fixing. When Paris launched, I remember the challenges had so many issues - including extra bulletpoints with nothing next to it, they just randomly inserted a line break to enter another condition instead of a second bulletpoint… It was a mess. :joy:


The description of professional difficulty implies the handler may not been giving you a much guidance on master difficulty.


If you can choose your difficulty, then how will ETs work?
Will there be separate leader-boards for each difficulty, or will the ETs be on a set difficulty?


https://youtu.be/F9L37byL0t4 this vid has a few instances of the punch glitch. ehhhhh


looks like ampburner made his way into a notification :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it just me or does he look like one of the twins from Bioshock: Infinite?


What does this mean? Characters aware of you after an alert, or already moving around in the map from the start?