Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


It means they spotted you. So they have become a witness…should have called it “witness” really.


Oh okay. That was already a feature in Absolution and HITMAN.


Correct, it is literally the same tutorial message from the Paris mission (showing a Paris npc). Simply popped up in demo as it’s on a fresh account (as if new player)


“This car is a prototype!”


boring info, but you can drop your fiber wire now. this is probably due to the tape measure fiber wire coming back.


i think Bateson accidentally revealed the new mode lol


The fibre wire can be dropped in 2016


wait, that’s a lie. i just checked, you can’t drop it


Not to me! Considering you can’t drop it in Season One (though I don’t see why you’d want to) the fact that this is now a physical object and is no longer glued to 47’s hand pleases me.


Hmmm Ghost mode? Sounds… interesting.


it’s probably just the Assassination Race. you’ll be able to see the ghosts of other players on the same map, that sort of thing


I love that he doesn’t know about IO’s secrecy.


He’s David Fu**ing Bateson. He can say as he wishes.


47 doesn’t use names.

“Names are only for friends, so I don’t have one” (Tobias Rie… ““ahem”” I mean 47, Hitman Blood Money)


So all playthoughs we have seen are on Pro. Nice!


The difficulties should have been Normal, Expert and Professional :roll_eyes:


People would complain about Normal being too Casual.



image Oooooh what’s this


some info on unlocks and leveling system?? Me likey…