Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)




Based on a subsequent tweet of his, it’s the subject the new blog post will be about.


Nice screens dude but they are Colombia spoilers so please add a spoiler tag! :smiley:


Imaoo :joy::joy::joy: Me and 26 others thought it was some official video IO put out(at least me)


It’s not spoiler, I ain’t sharing screenshots from leaked but unofficial locations. Colombia is granted by IOI and everybody knows that.

If someone doesn’t want to see any H2 spoiler then they’re must not enter to H2 topics.


There are a lot of people in the thread avoiding learning about the levels. It’s just a lot more considerate to spoiler map info.


Just spoiler them for the people that are actively not spoiling these locations for themselves. Most other people are doing it out of consideration for those people - so what makes you special that you feel you don’t have to do it?


Lots of people are going in blind now that so much of Miami has been spoiled. I mean it hardly takes any effort, just [/spoiler][spoiler](in opposite order and your screens in between). Plus IO is officially showing it dosen’t mean you should absolutely see it


It’s like saying this is not a spoiler cause it doesn’t have hitman in it


Dafuq? Am I said “I’m special”?


After all, leaks = spoilers but spoilers =/= leaks.


I can’t take it to spoiler so I’m deleted that.



At least say a topic to I’m “allowed” to no need to use spoiler so I can send my sccreenshots to that topic.


Just use spoiler tags dude, it’s not that hard


I may not be the best advocate for this, but I have a general policy that if it is directly involved with a level to the game, I try and spoiler it. If it is something administrative like Difficulties then I don’t spoiler tag it. It’s only a click away



So he is definitely the first ET.


Didn’t he narrated one of the trailers, which resulted in people speculating whether or not he’s going to replace the current VA of the Shadow Client? I don’t think that confirms him as an ET. He may just voice a new character.


Lucas Gray is a body double, Sean Bean is the real shadow client.
“I find whoever holds the script decides who holds the pen”


We had some basic information about the first new ET, and it looks like Bean.


That is correct. It was my assumption that they wanted Sean Bean to voice the Shadow Client in the first season but couldn’t book him. When I heard his voice in the new trailer, I thought they had managed to get him and so he would be replacing the original voice actor. Perhaps it was a case of “Actually something’s come up, I can’t do that main baddie anymore. Do you have a smaller part I can play?”
“We’ve got an elusive target?”
“I don’t know what that is, but it sounds nice.”