Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


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So… the publication is now or tomorrow?

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HITMAN 2 Progression

Andreas: The HITMAN 2 progression system is centred around mastering locations. As you level up the Mastery track for each location, you unlock starting locations, agency pickups and new items that give you new options to take on each mission in new ways. Progress can be achieved by either completing Challenges or earning Performance XP.

Performance XP is a new system and acts as a second avenue to accumulate experience points. The Performance system awards a small amount of XP for doing moment-to-moment actions during a playthrough, like taking someone out silently, hiding a body or killing a target. By default, Performance XP will be displayed as you perform the action in-game, but this can be toggled on or off in Settings.

To visualize your overall progress and time investment into HITMAN 2, we created a Player Profile that levels up according to your total XP earned. There’s also a player badge that is the visual representation of your profile level. Both Mastery and Performance XP are funneled into the Player Profile as well as the Mastery Track, leveling both up as you progress through the game. Outside of those two systems, we’ve also added more items that can be unlocked by completing specific Challenges.

Both XP systems will also work on the Season One locations within HITMAN 2 if you own the Legacy Pack. Because of that, we’ve tweaked the mastery tracks for the Legacy locations so that they give a more directed progression of unlocks and the ambition is to give you something valuable whenever you invest time into the game.

HITMAN 2 Difficulty Levels

Andreas: Hitman has historically always been a hard game to pick up and we are taking steps to make the game more approachable while still keeping the core that current players like. We want our difficulty levels to offer something to both new players, experimenting players and veterans, etc.

For HITMAN 2, we will have three difficulty levels; Casual, Professional and Master to try and do just that.

  • Casual is made to give new players an easier way into the game. It will also give all players an easier way to mess around with the world and see what happens without fear of failing.
  • Professional is the default entry point and balanced to give players a feeling of being a true assassin, using all of the game’s intricate mechanics together with their ingenuity to assassinate their targets.
  • Master is for the player that needs an extra challenge. Combat will be extremely hard and the NPCs will be more aware of their surroundings, making stealth gameplay a greater challenge too.

As with the progression system, all of our difficulty levels can be selected on the Legacy locations within HITMAN, 2 if you have them. There’s also some unlocks that can only be earned by completing challenges on specific difficulties to give you ways to show you’re a true Master!


@Jack9mm enjoy :slight_smile:


Dear God…it’s beautiful. Thank you for doing this, lol look at how perfect it is!

Edit: I do believe this will be welcomed with open arms over at the Hitman Meme thread, just had to throw that out there.


So the XP system do represent the evolution of the mastery but has no effect on the score, and can be disabled on the screen. Good news.


ok, now that the system is explained better, i think i like it a bit more. XP sort of rewards players who play longer by having a level-up system. it’s a nice touch because you don’t really have anything to show about how much you play other than unlocking everything or your Steam in-game hours


@Quine @Nitro

they fixed the formatting on the difficulty btw



Still no actual details of Master ,lame :frowning:


@cakeblock941 Wow! That’s awesome; I actually didn’t know that there was going to be three separate difficulties! Interesting how Professional has unlimited saves; one would surmise that Master is more akin to Professional mode in 2016.


This new blog post confuses me. We were previously told that Season One progress will not carryover because of the new progression system,

Except the “new progression system” for challenges and unlocks is basically the same, except that you have Performance XP that counts towards your Player Profile. I don’t understand why the progress doesn’t carryover - except for the fact you wouldn’t have the XP for your player profile that you would’ve had earned by doing things to complete some challenges.

But that doesn’t actually really matter as Player Profile XP is just bragging rights… I’d happily forgo that XP to avoid having to redo all those challenges for seemingly no reason now.


most likely it’s built up in a different way. it might seem the same on the outside, but all these new additions to how unlocking works may have been reworked from the ground-up to accomodate for XP


Maybe, but there would be ways around it to overcome it if it really was just a limitation like that.

I wonder if now we’ve officially been told about the progression system if @Travis_IOI is now able to expand on that original statement of “Due to our new progression system, Season 1 progression will not automatically carry over” that Clemens made on Twitter? Just to answer the questions surrounding why it can’t carryover.


This was aswell in H2016. You can also shoot from ledges in many angles.


No way, has this really been in the game the whole time?


Yup, buddy. Still, not a pretty reliable way of shooting 'cause will most likely get you caught.


i kinda wish we have an option to snap a target’s neck before throwing him/her off a ledge, like this

looks more lethal and effective


So, both challenges and actions reward xp now. That goes towards mastery and a player level. But will leveling up our profile reward us with stuff?


Sounds perfect! And the opportunity to unlock more items is spot on as well!


Also anyone else really like the colour scheme to the menus ?


Actually throwing them off alive is more lethal given the excruciating pain one probably feels when ones bones are broken and all organs shattered at the same time also alive.

Also it looks better when it comes to falsifying an accident. I think the guards distinguish between “snap and dumps” and “accidents”


The color scheme has a nice contrast this time. The old “grey over grey” tone wasn’t too appealing.