Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


Have these people just never touched a Hitman game before? They say that they have, but they seem to do little more than bumble around the map. Ffs that last guy didn’t understand that Kronstadt crew members aren’t allowed in Kowoon pit stations, despite the fact that the area is colored coded! Who the hell did they allow for the demo, because they sure as hell aren’t Hitman fans.


It started!


centerstrain started now, he knows what he is doing



Yep, you have to end the race to get Sierra out of the car, but it sounds like there are lots of ways to do that and it affects the routine she takes afterward! Cool.


Where did you hear that?


On the mixer stream right now. You can wave a disqualification flag to get her (or someone else) disqualified, for instance. Or if you let her win, you can poison her victory champagne. Stuff like that.


Can’t watch the Mixer stream. Doesn’t work for shit, keeps getting stuck after a few seconds. Ugh.


on a side note, is there anyway to slow walk in HITMAN 2016, like on a controller?


Sean Bean confirmed too. And he is not the Shadow Client… he’s someone new.


Streaming right now.


What is this Mixer stream on about? Ten Hitman games?


Unofficially Confirmed: invisible Fiber Wire. (But never know when game offically comes out, but I have my doubts).


I guess they are counting Hitman: Go and other spin-offs…


Yes, I put the same cap above. Sad.


HITMAN live at https://gaming.youtube.com/e3


I like all the British accents in Miami.


lol @ the interviewer introducing them as being from Ubisoft.


Can the mission actually be played differently thatn the explosive way in the demo version Centerstrain plays?


Okay so an NPC says “Such fun, much wow.” ummmmmmmmmmmmmm