Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


What ? He clearly said that.


Your feeling after this preview :

The action indicator in the upper left corner is superficial, I think, like in BM.
But the inventory at the bottom is very functional.


Seriously, what the hell. She was talking specifically about blood, how could he misspeak like that.


I feel like he’s just being cheeky in that tweet. They may not want to spoil too much. We’ll see.


The next one is… PS LIVE in 30 minutes?


Has someone uploaded ign stream on youtube?I missed it

My impressions from other gameplay videos:

Reflections seem really improved compared to S1,lighting effects are beautiful and graphically it all looks very nice,very vibrant and colorful level.

I heard some Spanish (I think?) from that one girl talking on telephone so that’s a good sign too

Crowds are better,more variation in NPCs and are actually useful now if you want to blend in

There isn’t a crate or a conveniently placed bin in every room and I’m personally very happy about that.I feel it encourages creativity while also making levels look more realistic

It sucks that many parts of the map were locked and many doors couldn’t be opened but this still looks like a pretty big and fun level



Not only spanish, she’s got an Argentinian accent (from where I am). Kind of specific. Argentina may be a location?


At 4:18 he says that the blood will be noticed. Sooo… ??


I definitely hope this is reflective of the rest of the game. Every time I use a conveniently-placed crate in HITMAN, I’m reminded of the old days of just hiding bodies in places where you knew no NPCs traveled.


When I was watching the girl from ign playing, she even asked him if the blood will be seen, and he said yes. So maybe a miscommunication.


At the end it shows a different scope than the miami trailer. Customization confirmed?


Also, did you guys notice that soundtrack style has changed?


I’d say it’s highly likely that Sniper Assassin mode weapon upgrades carryover.


Maybe the rain forest mission takes place in Argentina? After all South America’s only city is Rio and the rest of the continent is basically a huge rain forest splattered with ancient Maya ruins and the occasional drug lord mansion. :grin:

Without more info, I’m assuming that they just added her to soften complains about everybody speaking English. We probably have a few more such NPCs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most NPCs still speak English. It’s simply a matter of costs.


Tune in now (again) !


Must be all down to sales and popularity unfortunately so they’ve made the decision not to proceed :-1:t2:


Confirmed. They didn’t know about my discovery of the big one in water electrocution. They didn’t even know that was possible. :joy:

@Urben they talked about your big one down the chute bomb and were “blown” away by that.


No info there we haven’t already heard that I noticed.


At this point unless someone messes up and reveals something they shouldn’t, we’ve heard all the talking points that they’re “allowed” to discuss at E3.