Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


finally hitman 2 has been announced


Gameplay without speaking over and not too noob (just a bit but c’mon they’re casuals XD ) https://youtube.com/watch?v=FNx5DYZYWPo


Twitch in 2 hours!

Anything else in the meantime?


I don’t know what to believe.


Probably wasn’t meant to discuss it. Oops.


Anyway mirrors, briefcase, pucture in picture, and crowd blending are great news.
I hope theres a way to use de briefcase in HITMAN 2016 somehow


I hope no one minds too much but I updated the title and added Gameplay included in hopes to cut down on similar threads.


well hey, maybe 47 was a bit low on cash and decided not to make a 1:1 replica


wow!! oh my god guys you know what this reminds me of??

the original Hitman 2!! as in you start in, and get an agency pickup to get your gear, just like in Silent Assassin!!!

this is something i wanted before, so this is a GREAT surprise


A question, I pre order the 100€ edition via gamestop.

Will I have access to the game 4 days earlier or is it just an online pre order thing?


It’s all laid out on that chart on http://hitman.com/purchase.


The playstation stream showed some other map parts of the miami level like the pier and the hotel/Ambulance area. Absolutely stunning details.


Tune in now (again again) !


Wonder if they’re sick of having the same conversation over and over yet.


At least one new melee animation @ 13:41, the way he goes down onto his knees.


IGN uploaded that gameplay…

… without sound.


Does that count as a Silent assassin?

Seriously though I have sound :slight_smile:

Edit… No I don’t :confused:


There’s also a walkthrough video that does have sound with a member of io


Adios Alma :wink:



Definitely agree level looks great. Animations look exactly the same though. Invisible wire strikes again in that clip when he strangles the mascot guy…damnit. I liked the music, not as uppity as the last game.