Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


Pretty sure the demo is setup so there is no loadout options, meaning no one has seen the briefcase outside of what IO has released.

For a game they’re promoting as having freedom of approach and being extremely versatile, it’s bizarre that the demo they’ve got has that completely ripped out and there is only a single way to kill Sierra Knox. Surely they could’ve given two or three ways to kill.


It’s ideal this way. You want a demo that hints at all the possibilities but you don’t want to spoil all the possibilities across multiple demos.


You think the demo will be released for everyone eventually? Also this, these are funny dudes:



I find it a step back and I’d prefer if they stayed with Season 1’s inventory selection design. It was pretty much perfect.


Well, it doesn’t look like anything to me.


Wait the level is even larger than what’s being demoed? Damn!


but of course!!

in the demos I haven’t seen Rob Knox at all


Yes, they said a big chunk has been cut out. We all now by now the levels in HITMAN are tremendously good. However I’m hoping for some warmth to the mechanics side of things


Well done sir.

I look forward to watching these gameplay videos. Glad the demo is limited in scope, I don’t need to be afraid of excessive spoilers, just enough to whet that appetite. and what a voracious appetite it is.


I wonder if Miami isn’t the first location/mission in the game.

The mission briefing mentions “Reynard’s laptop”, which I’m guessing is a reference to Alma Reynard - Sean Rose’s girlfriend. 47 hadn’t acquired the laptop as of the end of HITMAN, so this leaves two options:

  • The game starts with a cutscene that shows a passage of time between Diana being on the train and the start of HITMAN 2, which sees the laptop be acquired and Miami is mission #1.
  • We travel to Berlin in mission #1 (Reynard’s location as of the events in Colorado) and acquire the laptop, with Miami taking place later.

Mission Briefing extracted from a gameplay video:

And as a sidenote, I HATE the mission briefing music. I hope it’s a placeholder until the Season One theme is added later.


wait a minute why isnt human shielding in this yet? comon it cant be that impossible to implement


They’ve already said that Miami is not the first mission in the game. It’s just the first to be revealed to us.


Must’ve missed that statement. Oops.


I don’t like how IO is still talking about telling the story through other characters and not 47 because he’s an emotionless blank canvas (?). I want to see 47 do stuff in cutscenes ffs…

I miss when 47 was an actual character in his own game.


Jin Po, huh?
Is that a father of Tren Po, a notorious third-world dictator?


I swear that in Centerstrain stream when he went near the reporter (wear white shirt) near the driver lounge, she said “Hello. I’m Lindsay Lecour” (and Centerstrain once again passed through the camera).
Look like the Shiek is not the only one returning.


Yep. I do hope we’ll have a mission to eliminate him. Also hope to meet Church of Ascendants members.


*Re-implement. It was there in the HITMAN alpha. :wink:


You really think they’d make new music to use as a placeholder for the old music?


I like the music. The previous one was always the same, and although catchy, I didn’t like it much