Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


It’s not uncommon for demos to use completely different music than the final product, which has sometimes involved switching back to older music.


Do doors stay open instead of automatically closing now or is it just my imagination?


You’d be quick to jump to conclusions there :wink:


But on the wall to the right of this elevator door (if this is the one you meant) it also says demo boundary, implying it might lead somewhere later on.

A few other things I noticed from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVfrlboypRA

  • The inventory seems much better than last time, I like that it doesn’t conceal the entire screen this time around. It looks a bit more slick here.

  • The crowd appears much more vibrant and lively. Feels much more natural than in previous installments.

  • At 6:00, you’re frisked. If logic applies, if you had the briefcase with you, that would have to be checked as well. Since there is a bag check line, it seems pretty likely that metal detectors will be back. This is just speculation, so we’ll see.

  • I personally like the picture in picture. At least it isn’t intrusive, and I like that it lets you know if a body’s been discovered and where it is.

  • I think the music’s much better than the last game. From about 7:51 to around 13:00 I was really jamming out and enjoying it. It partially maintains the spy vibe from the last game’s soundtrack, but has a darker tinge to it. Same at 16:10 and when he’s spotted at 17:10, badass.

  • I like that there aren’t as many crates to hide bodies or yourself in. Hope it stays that way, since it increases the challenge element, especially in obtaining disguises that are useful to you without losing SA.

  • At 14:55, I like how you can see the camera’s vision cone, and appreciate the addition of other languages. Hopefully there’s more of that in other parts of the world we visit.

  • I’m glad they brought back the feature to hide in crowds from Absolution, kind of shown off at 19:35 until about 20:50. That was one of that game’s strengths, and it’s good to see it back here.

  • 26:27, I see npcs still go to garbage cans over toilets. That’s no good.

  • 47 tells the one pitstop crew member who gets too close to “go away” because “he’s busy.” Lots of sass, 47, damn.

  • Right at the end, there’s a fiber wire animation, and it definitely doesn’t look any different than before :frowning: . The wire doesn’t go around the mascot’s neck. It could be a placeholder, but we won’t know until the game comes out or they show more gameplay at a later date.


You will, it goes for every pre-order. I can pick mine up in gameshop 4 days early, like advertised :slightly_smiling_face:


NPCs that are enforcers don’t get suspicious when you have your back to them?


I remember the first time I started paying attention to the s1 story was when Diana sits down with 47 at the end of Club 27. 47 needs to have more story presence, for sure.


If true, it’s probably part of the crowd-hiding mechanic. It was kind of like that in Absolution. I think it might be a good tweak. It would make disguises a little less awkward to use if you can “blend in” by turning your back.


Not the crowd-hiding mechanic. I think even outside a crowd, this seems to be the case. Check out the below video from 7:24. I am not sure if this is because of the disguise.
The circle mark on the security guard and camera disappear as you approach?


In that case the suspicion went away because she left the trespassing zone.


Oh yes. You’re right. That makes more sense.


Hey I just want follow up on this really detailed post with a couple of other additional items/articles I’ve noticed in that video.
These primarily focus on the actual map itself, and some kills associated with Sierra Knox.

  • At 30:40 of the video there are three different options regarding the pit stop opportunity.
  1. The first is the one we saw regarding the explosion of the car with a remote bomb which will be lethal.

  2. The second relates to the loosening of a tire, which has the propensity to be lethal (my tentative conclusion), but I’d be unsure exactly what the implications are.

  3. The third option of Putting Sugar in the Engine is the one I want to put emphasis on. This appears to be the option in which 47 can effectively Subdue the car, rather than lethally kill Sierra within it. I believe this will be the, if not one of, the options to alter the outcome of the race. I’d expect something similar in the Moses Lee Kowoon pit stop area. This allows the altering of who wins/loses the race (who is on the podium for the fire kill), and possibly the route of Sierra following the race.

  • (Refer to above altering of the race). At 10:10 the flamingo character (who I expect is from the Militia) is going to meet Sierra after the race. This might be an attempt to flee after the race if it goes unsuccessfully, but I’m not entirely certain.

  • Exactly at 19:09 there is an option to ‘Join Sierra’s Drinking Game as Moses Lee’. I suspect this is a poison kill

  • 15:02 That Maxwell Rutter room appears to have white helmets around it, and that’s where I anticipate the white racing suit will be.

That’s all from me, really loving following this discussion and I’m greatly looking forward to November 9


Quickly perused the gameplay demos featured here. (Don’t want to get completely spoiled now!)

  • I like the HUD change. Looks clean, minimalist, cool. Considering this is a “new game” and no longer supported by the platform of Season 1, I think it’s fine that they updated it a bit. Just a bit though. We do need some consistency! However, I don’t like the new minimap. Even that has become extremely white and would be a bit difficult to spot the white enforcer dots on it.
  • I see an elevator is out of order. Disappointing, but the fact that the map is locked off somewhat is reassuring. The open doors and tape could be a tease that it’s something just not shown off in the demo and will be available at a later time in development.
  • The Fiber Wire is dead. Given that the fate of blood pools is uncertain, I’ll leave it for “no” until proven otherwise. This means that the Fiber Wire provides no advantage to any other lethal weapon. It also still can’t be dropped, as evidenced by the lack of a button prompt for it in the inventory (I don’t know why you would want to, but every other item can be dropped so why not this one?), and that’s sad. It’s not a physical object, and is still just a tool 47 can tape to his hand at will.

Hopefully, some of my worries and hopes are addressed later on. This is a pre-beta build of the game (so… alpha?) and might be a few months old by now. For all we know, they’ve done work on new stuff in the meantime.
Miami looks good though! I also really like the addition of dynamic encounters with NPCs as 47. A reporter coming up to you for a comment, standing too close to NPCs for too long prompts them to speak as well as 47… I like it.


Yes, indeed!





Cool, at which point? I was to lazy to follow all the material.


A few impressions after watching the Miami gameplay:

In the car park, there’s an out of service elevator which has a ‘demo boundary’ sign. Looks like elevators are back! I can’t beleive I’d ever get excited about this in a Hitman game.

Someone speaking Spanish! Given Florida is a heavily Hispanic part of the US, this is good attention to detail. We’ll have to see if they’ve actually localised the accents once we see more levels. I’m a bit nervous after Miami though, since they’ve also used a lot of British accents here, which is what they did throughout H6.
Also, whenever 47 speaks in-game, it echoes too much compared to the NPCs he’s interacting with. It sounds like he’s in a bathroom.

Shame there’s no continuous soundtrack throughout the level. Ambient music adds a lot to atmosphere.

Given this was meant to be S2, graphically and mechanically everything looks and feels very similar to H6. A few nice little touches though, like 47 moving his hand when opening doors.

I hope Diana continuously giving us hints and tips exists only for the purposes of the demo.

They really need to fix the fibre-wire. It’s still invisible and exactly the same as it was two years ago.
Don’t make it a QTE, allow the player to stretch it out and use the mouse trigger to strangle. Make it unique and appealing. I hardly use the fibre-wire these days as it’s become just another weapon.


They also changed 47’s dying animation (for the better imo)


New Pistol: Hackl 9S


Wait a second…


That’s the HWK21 from Season 1!

Oh IO, how we love your recycled content.


I am with you on this point. I can’t believe that they still use the animation from Absolution in their presentation of HITMAN 2. However, the fiber wire in HITMAN isn’t exactly QTE per se. It just involves pressing one button after positioning yourself behind an NPC, and there are thankfully no timed actions needed. Are you perhaps talking about the melee combat?


Yup. I say get rid of the fast fiber wire animation shown at the end of the gameplay trailer on the mascot, if they keep the one fiber wire animation with the kick and made others that lasted just as long and looked like there was some sort of struggle, brought back the cord itself, and kept dragging in it would be much better. Also, let us fiber wire seated targets, please. That was another thing sorely missed in the last game.