Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


Do you have an example ?


There was a picture in this thread


Thank you mate, elevators are back! :yum:


Here’s another close-up on the elevator. :wink:


I’ll hope they will work in full version.

Also, it would be nice if @Travis_IOI make an AMA or atleast fast FAQ after E3 (regarding blood pools, elevators, mirrors and etc.)


I wouldn’t get my hopes up immediately tbh. The minimap shows no icon inside this elevator or any other appearing in the video. I understand that it’s probably removed for this presentation version but there’s a slight chance we don’t have the mechanic. (You know, just to not get completely disappointed at the end. :slight_smile: )


This community gets excited by some of the most odd things when it comes to games. Who else would get excited about elevators, briefcase and mirrors, if not a hitman fan.


What’s the bet right now that they don’t put an elevator there and you can just climb up it pipe climbing style?


A lot time has passed between Colorado and the first mission of this game. It’s doubtful that she’s still in Berlin. Especially after the ICA discovered their base and kill every of their key members there. The operative in the field probably went into hiding afterwards and tried to reorganize themselves. At this point she could be anywhere in the world.


I actually wanted that gun to be used by bodyguards


This place looks like where Robert Knox will go after Target Lockdown. Pay attention to that guard behind him.


I’d love to see differnet tiers of guards using different pistols


This will be my favourite kill if it will be possible. That shark looks like hungry. The last who became shark food was Vaana Ketlyn


Yep, QTE in combat isn’t particularly fun. Though, with the fibre-wire it’s the problem of it being nothing more than ‘Press X to execute.’ All it’s uniqueness is comepletely gone. You just trigger an animation.


And here I though I couldn’t be more excited about Hitman2. :smiley:
Can’t wait to finally play it.


Most certainly, sir. Let me just get the key…


Yes, that’s true.

Even this part is sadly lacking in variety.


Is it a light switch? I wonder if it’s merely a decoration or an actual feature in the official game. And if it is a feature, it’d be cool we can just turn the lights off thus hiding as many bodies as we want.


That’s a good idea!!


I don’t know if lighting has played a part in the stealth mechanics of HITMAN, but it would be a cool feature to have.