Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


I don’t know if lighting has played a part in the stealth mechanics of HITMAN, but it would be a cool feature to have.


It’s exactly the same it was 6 years ago…


Sadly, I don’t think so.

Even though a lot of the location is locked out so you cannot get to it while playing the game, there would likely be volumes of data within it that some wise PC players would go through in a heartbeat to pull out unannounced details/features/locations etc.


I hope we have the option to do more things like switch off lights etc. or move more items make things much more interesting


season 1 closed alpha had given to some players. but pc users had to obtain a xbox 360 controller to play game.
i hope they release hitman 2 closed beta, and can be played with mouse and keyboard.


The fact is it doesn’t take too much space on the screen.
You’re not disconnected with the action (maybe you can improvise accordingly thanks to what you see).
Between the minimap and the weapon selected, there was an empty space that they exploited advisedly.
I’ll be glad to try that.


Given how closed the HITMAN alpha stayed, I’m not too sure they’d be overly keen to repeat it with a closed beta for HITMAN 2. I could be wrong, but they seemed less than pleased at the time that someone leaked it.


It was during a Sony booth interview. If I find it, I’ll post it.


Oh I found it! Wow I’m flattered :v:


You could switch the lights off in BM if I remember correctly. Never knew the purpose of it until I read your post, it is used to hide bodies in the open!


5 months to go…


It’s been a feature in every game from Silent Assassin to Blood Money


No,only in Blood Money you could turn off the lights


Yeah I remember in The Jacuzzi Job in H2: Silent Assassin you could sabotage the fusebox and kill Charlie without getting body found before the fusebox is fixed.


I’m sort of wrong about Silent Assassin because it was only utilised in The Jacuzzi Job level and it was objective related. In Contracts, however, you could tamper with the fusebox to sneak past guards at least in Hunter and Hunted but that was optional, so that counts


Don’t remind me :sob:


Could you please link the video?


I download the video and add my video to the side so you understand what he is brabbleing lol.


I like the new low-profile inventory and if there’s one thing I’d love IO to do, it’s to at least have the option to have inventory selection be real-time rather than pausing the game.

I still get cross at how weapon selection breaks the flow of the game.


No purple parts right?