Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


This is most likely why you can now clearly see their field of view. Otherwise it would be incredibly frustrating to try evading them


Here are another 8 minutes of gameplay. But I’m not sure if it’s part of the 30 minute one, I haven’t seen it yet.


Oh and this;

Anyone else thinks thats alot of blur?


Is there any gameplay with gun shooting


Going to see how long I can hold out and not watch any gameplay. Think it’s possible for next 5 months?

I already bookmarked many videos ugh


Haha me too. I just did a little like five seconds sneak peek in the middle of the video, but what I saw doesn’t give me chills. The HUD looks way worse than Season 1, and the briefings… I really have mixed feelings about this. And whats with this ugly pink?! HITMAN has always been red, why ugly pink now…?


I think HUD looks way cleaner/better and i love the look of the new minimap.


I think the exact opposite. It’s so overblured and the new kinda black at the edges makes the “readable” part even smaller. The whole gameplay looks really overblured. I just hope those are placeholders, I liked how HITMAN Season 1 was, and I thought we get somewhat near to that experience. I don’t need a total overhaul of everything just to advertise it as something new, I just need more HITMAN as I had fun with it; season one gameplay and HUD.


Still no fiber wire… At least give him the handle in both hands, not the standart animation where he has both in one hand. That makes it even more ridicilous.


If they cant make a simple fiber wire animation in 2018 how they even gonna make the briefcase animation?


No way there’s going to be an actual sniper assembly animation.


If they make the briefcase as big as the sniper like one in “Death of a showman” or “A dance with the devil” then it wouldn’t be a problem imo


Good bit of footage in the below video from E3. Video is 20 minutes of Gameplay.

You can even hear David Bateson as 47 briefly from 18:31 - 18:44



Why not in Blood Money it was possible too??


Wheres the rest of that video?


Blood Money was a completely different game in a completely different engine. Animations don’t seem to be IO’s strong suit these days.


Mh, then they should hire some people with more experience.


Yeah! You should check out the animations for basic tasks like picking up items in Codename 47. Look where we are now. :smiley:


The Fiberwire is clearly visible, what are you complaining about? :grin:


I see fiber, but not wire.