Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


I see fiber, but not wire.


He should do this wearing a magician’s outfit.


No, he needs a Mime outfit.


Game is looking good.

Hopefully this game is a mix of large and smaller levels like the older hitman games.
I would actually prefer that sniper assassin level of the wedding. Where you have the large mansion interior and the exterior of that building. Thats it That would be my favorite. Then fill the inside of the mansion with endless possibiliies and different AI routes.

Sometimes these larger levels have too much empty space.


I have no idea, not on his channel sadly. But if you are interested in other games from E3, he has some nice gameplay stuff for The Divison 2 and such too. Maybe he uploads it later, at least I hope so as it sounds like some IOI guys are involved.


Guys can anybody tell me if the Gold Edition for Hitman 2 is Steelbook? I don’t want the collectors edition but would love the steelbook. And if not will there be a Steelbook Edition?


Those look so ridicilous. :smiley: I just played Codename 47 a month ago, and whenever 47 grabs something, it looks like he rubs his hand over it.


I heard there will be one from GAME, whatever this is, but it’s not available yet.



I agree. I’m probably in the minority but I miss the some of the simplicity that levels like A New Life brought.


Sort of bothers me that only UK is getting the goodies lol. every American retailer is excluding the Steelbook, at least in the Ads. Is it a regional thing?


I love how you can see the shock wave travel after an explosion, pushing objects outward. 0:29 in the video.


Anyone else want levels with rain? I know it would require new textures for wet clothes but rain was the one weather they didn’t use in the last game. It would really add to a level’s athmosphere.

We are getting a rainforest, hoping it’ll have some kind of rainfall.


Suitcase at 9:20 :smiley: No assembly animation. You see the sniper kill.


Two years? Try 6 years ago when absolution came out. It’s the same invisible animations. It really needs to be fixed. Give us the old mechanic back, IO.


yep, no unpacking. although he still places it on the ground like he WOULD unpack it, maybe space for that animation

@Travis_IOI pls


It would look way better if he pulled it out of thin air instead. The animation to place the briefcase on the floor is there. Why not open and retrieve then?!


When you have to deal with Ignorant Games Network


Buckling knees after a blow to the head!! :smiley:


I hope that gets changed before launch.

Loved the unpacking animation in Blood Money. Would be so cool to have it in Hitman 2.


No unpacking animation in 2018
Even Codename 47 had it.Very shitty,I hope they fix that