Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


I am fairly certain (and hope) they will fix it, it is pre-beta footage after all.


If they don’t care about making animation for assembling rifle they could at least give us bigger briefcase.



My thoughts exactly! And at least show the damn case open when retrieving items! I mean, even weapon crates opened when retrieving an item in HITMAN 2016.


I do wonder what kind of items you can store inside the suitcase. Only guns or melee weapons, too? A popular type of contract involves killing a target with a weapon that can’t be hidden (like the battleaxes) and without changing disguises. These kind of contracts are usually pretty tricky and/or challenging. Allowing players to put everything into their suitcase basically makes them obsolete.


That looked pretty bad. No way can that be the final verson.


My god… That looks dramatic.


wtf? IO are u serious? this is just the same like in season 1 but now he puts it on the ground and takes it. U had 2 years time and still u cant even do a proper animation of a briefcase! U are one of the worst incompetent Game Producers i have ever seen like literally. And wanna charghe full 60€ for this game? Preorder Canceled. Will not support this.


Excuse the salt here.

It’s been like this since the 2016 closed alpha, and from what I can tell so far been no changes since. Other than making it a pickup point which I think already actually technically existed in the official alpha.

It really makes me glad to see they really put in that extra effort of what ever was stopping this from being put into Season 1. 3000 IQ moves for selling S2 IO.


Just like I said. An assembly animation would be so out of place in a game full of bad and halfassed animations. We’re going get this animation in the final game though polished.

And we have to walk around with that big ugly button prompt on 47’s ass whenever the briefcase is equipped? Ugh.


LOL. That is an interesting viewpoint. Keep all animations on the same level of bad. Like the syringe animation. Thinking of Blood Money there gives me headaches.


Remember how we heard after S1 that IO was working with a company that specializes in animations?


Yup, that really is quite daring to put it in like this. Already regret buying the Gold version in such a hype hurry (a bit).


Just canceled my preorder silver edition on steam. I would be stupid to give them 80 bucks for this .



we shall be waiting for the animations, @Travis_IOI


The briefcase looks beautiful, but where’s the assembly animation???!


Yeah a little insight on animations would be appreciated… @Travis_IOI


although, I still trust them. they have done a good job so far on the level and other details!!

they have five months to add these things in, I have faith in them


It also seems that you cannot put the sniper back IN


Hahah that must be incomplete then