Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


@Travis_IOI This is a tragedy! No new animations, that’s really disappointing. I won’t support a game that was over 2 years in development and have not even a new or updated animation, really bad.


That sniper briefcase unpacking looks pretty bad. To think a hitman game from 2000 did it a lot better. Visible FiberWire and a real animation shouldn’t be to much to ask for.


Where did you see that? Are you going by the fact that you don’t see a prompt when standing next to the briefcase? I sincerely hope there’s a way to put the sniper back in.


You get briefcase no matter what obviously. If you read small print, it says it is Italian leather briefcase so it’s just a reskin for the ICA briefcase. My guess is regular briefcase is a mission mastery unlock.


Yeah I go from that. Lucky I found this video. Perhaps @Travis_IOI should tell us why it’s that barebones.


because its a PRE BETA!!!


Thats a non argument. The briefcase looks almost the same as in 2016 alpha.


Unfortunately, we cannot be sure that there would be big changes like new animations in the final product. If you remember, HITMAN alpha had the briefcase and human-shield, which were both removed later. If you compare the HITMAN alpha briefcase and the one from the above video for HITMAN 2, there’s not much difference tbh.


Like @pisicino says this is still an early build. People far to often takes this as if this was the final build. Things can change a lot from pre-beta build to the final, we have no idea if IO isn’t working on the animation, if it isn’t ready then we won’t see it before it’s done.

So relax and breath.


You’re so right! Beside that we are 5 months away from release, so not this long. I don’t think there will be much changed or updated. Little tweaks here and there in the peformance, graphics and so, and yeah, that’s it.


That’s true, but then again, people already went through that experience with HITMAN. The major concern is seeing a repeat of what happened earlier.


Well it looks like a long barrel version and makes sense since it resembles an Glock 17, a pretty standard weapon for American cops etc.


@Travis_IOI How about a statement on the briefcase ?


And I get that, but it’s a pre-beta build and that is a fact we can’t outrun. What we see is a barebone showfloor version of the level. It’s an advertisement made to function perfectly within it’s production stage. We can’t judge it by the same standards we do a full game.


@Travis_IOI Will HITMAN 2 unlocks such as suits and weapons be backwards compatible in HITMAN season 1? Also will season 1 content (ET suit unlocks and weapons) carry over to HITMAN 2?
Delighted briefcase is back, hope ye sort out fiber wire animation but otherwise perfect work. Keep it up, saving up to pre-order Gold Edition once my next paycheck comes in.


OK, there clearly is a conceal item button I missed earlier, so no worries there :smiley:


Holy shit that briefcase animation looks bad. My eyes are puking.


I didn’t get a chance to comment on this earlier, but this was a great feature to see in what I’d assume is normal difficulty (doesn’t look overly challenging if it’s a higher setting, which could be concerning later if they only have one setting). Speaking of difficulty, I hope they really take the time to flesh out some levels this time (easy, normal, hard, expert, and professional), like with Absolution and the older games. One of my wishes was for a custom difficulty setting where you could toggle cameras on/off, using “ruined” or bloody disguises on/off, and things of that nature, and I still think that could be fun, though understandably complicated, to implement in Hitman 2.

What else did I have to comment on? Oh yeah…

My eyes and smile brightened up as 47 put the briefcase on the ground, ready to see the greatest unpacking animation ever. That’s when the darkness rolled in, and there was nothing more after that. Hope this is just a pre-beta thing, like the other animation shortcomings in what is otherwise a great-looking game, but I feel like that isn’t true.


Every time IO announces something exciting and then we actually get to see it.


Digging the new avatar.