Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)


That beeing said, I really hope that I can disable those picture in picture things from Blood Money, as they said they return. I absolutely hated them in Blood Money. Just imagine our new HITMAN 2 runs and we have to get half the screen taken away every time we do a specific run and want to try something different. I really would dislike that.


By the way, they said elusive targets return. Just imagine another racedriver as an elusive target to kill while he races? Or as a mechanic we have to kill in an explosion or something like that? I am the only one excited for possible ET’s in season 2 miami? :smiley:


It’s only in the top left corner. Not half the screen.


Still pretty annoying. I loved HITMAN Season One for immersion and atmosphere, and I like playing with everything in HUD turned off. Such picture in picture would ruin that for me, and that would be bad, because we have now an even more interesting level than anytime before I want to experience the way I like the most - without HUD and PIP.


I know you haven’t watched that much Hitman 2 gameplay yet, but believe me on this. As someone who cares a lot about immersion in Hitman, H2 looks to be way better in that regard.


Thats why I wish to disable that PIP mode. I love the new level, it looks amazing. But when I do a Hitman run without anything on my screen except 47, I want it to stay that way. I took a closer look to everything that bothers me, like the briefings, new minimap, and still fiberwire without wire. I can really ignore all of that, because at the end, I’m spending most of the time ingame, not the briefings, and without any hud at all. So all I have to care about is gameplay. Thats why that bothers me the most, because if I can’t turn it off, it affects my gameplay.


I’m sure there will be an option, Hitman 2016 was very good with its settings options.


I hope so too. And yes, it was. I was surprised, it took me two years and a post in this forum to discover the photo mode in the settings for example. :smiley:


I’m sure we’ll be able to disable it. Miami feels great, a proper Hitman level. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. My concerns are gameplay wise, specially animations



About the level itself I have no concerns too. My concerns target gameplay or changes in the games experience. But the level itself, I’m stunned, I can’t wait to go for full stupid runs and just throw my c4 at the track midrace for example. :smiley:


As expected, YouTube’s Hitman 2: SA category is now full of content from the 2018 game.


I wonder if those Diana hints are the new Opportunities? Hope you can turn that off.


Thats why every publisher and game creator should thought about it twice naming a game exactly like another one in the franchise. -Caught- Tomb Raider -Caught- Need for Speed.


I suspect (and hope) they were put in solely for the demo, probably to avoid newbies getting lost and not knowing what to do.


We cannot turn off Diana in this one so… I don’t know man.


What do you mean? Does she now talk to you like in Sniper Assassin?


I’ve been hoping for an option to mute Diana since 2016 release. I think the actress is way too harsh, and I like silence during my missions, not minute-by-minute updates that I don’t want to hear.


She’s talking to 47 and suggesting ways to get close to the target. I don’t like that.

And again, how the hell is Diana seeing everything the player is seeing? Doesn’t make any sense. Make the voice sound like it’s coming from an earpiece, IO.


Hopefully this is just temporary. Have 47 open the case at least. It looks so stupid :joy:

At least it’s here…

Also sniper is like twice the width of the case, no assembly.