Hitman 2 (2018) Collector's Edition (steam)

I purchased hitman 2 CE edition on steam and only just now finding out that there was supposed to be physical items with the game, but I never received such items after purchase.

Did you purchase the Gold Edition because I’m positive the Collectors Edition isn’t sold on Steam??


It isn’t, the Standard, Silver and Gold edition was purchasable on Steam. The PC collectors edition was only released in Europe and you could buy it from Amazon.co.uk, it contained a Downloadable code for the game itself.

I’m not sure if the PC collectors edition was available in Asia, but it wasn’t released in the US.


I think he meant buying the Collector’s Edition content on Steam (aka Gold Edition + Collector Outfits and Items) and thought it would give him access to the physical edition with the Briefcase…amirite?