Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion


This thread is to replace the old one because the original already closed for getting the maximun capacity of posts.


First cause I am an asshole


Actually, it’s Release Discussion by now.


Pfft, forget that. When’s Hitman 3 coming out?


That was a wild ride


Remember the memes are over here. This one is serious again.


Reminder this exists.


Hypocrite you had the most shit posts and copypastas out of all of us.


scm97tl was first actually :stuck_out_tongue:


My thoughts exactly!


I had first comment he made the topic he does not count.:smiling_imp:


So, back on topic, I think NZ kinda is a hybrid between The Final Test and a Bonus Episode mission (AHBOS because that’s the best).


Yeah but the thread was dying so I HITposted. Can you blame me? I had a MEMEcase of opportunities.

nudges arm Get it? :joy:


There is a lot of room and a lot of possibilities and leeway for bonus missions in NZ. It feels like that was intentional.


I should flag that post for offensive content.:joy:


Party at the beach, small festival, random group doing something. You name it.


You could use the expo in Miami for a con of some sort in a bonus mission.


I wonder how big the expansion levels will be compared to NZ, I know NZ has a massive unused area, but I’m thinking about main areas.


Sure but that would make the level incredibly small since the race track is not used. Mumbai and Vermont for sure.


Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, NZ and the Creek como more to me for a bonus than Miami.