Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion


Yeah that is to avoid being sued by Kalashnikov and American manufacturers.


But because of the old hitman games, IO was never sued. Hitman SA have an AK47, but IO never was in trouble because of it. Sorry maybe I understood you wrong, because my english is not the best when I write.


Y’know it’s almost sad uninstalling S1 after 2 years of play time.


The laws regarding gun imagery has changed and IO does not have the money to burn on a bunch of names. All games change gun models and name now even GTA and RDR do it.


Licensing real guns costs a shitload of money. Gun manufacturers have started charging a shitload more as games got more popular. I’d rather have made up names than spending a ridiculous amount of money just to get a name, and supporting a terrible industry in the proccess.


I remember back at E3 somebody said that this colore blending on the mini map was only a visual bug in the pre beta build and that it’s going to be fixed in the final release.


Too bad that this was another falls information.
Or did they just forgot to fix it?!
I think it would look much better without.



I didn’t know that, but thanks. Like I said there are more reasons why I don’t like Hitman anymore. I really Love C47 until Blood Money, maybe that explains why I’m not a big fan of the new hitman games anymore.


Just started the download of the Legacy pack for XB1. 16 elements. Gonna take a while.


I am pretty sure that was just a clear assumption which I did not believe back then. You don’t include such a color bleeding by accident.


Well Lara Croft’s tit size was an accident and I don’t see how you can accidentally do that.:joy: They might have seen it and IO was like oh we should keep that in we like it.:grinning:


Did you consider to buy a new lie-detector? :joy:


What, It is a well known industry legend that I read about in gaming world record book. All industries have them Like the legend that an American Nazi was so upset over Captain America one’s cover that when he complained to the front desk Jack Kirby punched him out.


I actually believed that guy who said it was a bug, because it looked bad in my opinion.^^
I don’t remember who said it, tried to find that post but I had no luck with the search engine.


I did not question it happened, I question it was an accident.


Even more of a reason for me to leave the minimal off.


Well, these aren’t real names either.

I agree it was better before but it’s not that important really since it’s a stealth game and killing sprees aren’t encouraged.

If such small things bother you that much how do you play games at all?


Easily. Put a 10 instead of 1 or something.


Yeah that is how it happened in the legend. an accidental numerical error


Quick Question. Are people able to play it on their xbox? If yes then could you explain to me how?
I’m almost done with downloading all the content. And yes I do have the gold edition.


I have to say, I’m stunned and impressed at the price of the GOTY Legacy Pack.

20$ U.S…

For the entirety of Season 1.
The GOTY Upgrade in Season 1 costs 20$ U.S. Season 1 GOTY itself costs 60$ at base price.
Bravo, IO.
People can save so much money on the new series by simply buying the recent 60$ entry and then paying a small premium. Wow. I was expecting something like 30-40$ (40-50$ CAD for me would’ve sounded reasonable.)

I’m not annoyed at the price, as I’ve had two full good years experiencing it even if I paid ~100$ in the end. At least I’m getting this upgrade for free, but wow. New players have a great deal on their hands. (And those who are going to upgrade from the basic Legacy Pack only need to pay the difference of 10$ for the GOTY content. Wow.)

EDIT: Now I wonder how (and when) they’ll handle the fate of the IOI Anniversary suits DLC.