Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion


Depends on how you use it. The Icon is my favourite mission in the game and it’s super intimate.


The idea of NZ out of all the levels having a Bonus Episode never crossed my mind. It’s a remote location without much going it.

But a beach party sounds like a perfect bonus episode for NZ. They can reuse the beach objects from Sapienza and they can keep most of the map the same, like in the Marrakesh bonus episode.


If Miami is used, then the park area and the docks should be the focus this time.


Different strokes I only liked the opportunities of Icon and Dino as a target. It fells to small to me.


This is what @Pitman wants

With 47 lurking in the foliage scouting…


I think that if Miami will have a bonus mission it’ll end up being more like Holiday Hoarders than Landslide, just a reskin of the level with added NPCs and decorations and such, not a complete overhaul like the other bonus eps were

And NZ having a bonus mission wont take the dissapointment I feel from the level, theres only one target, the house is small and the beach seems too empty, that doesnt strike me as a good thing for a main mission set there, especially seeing as the main maps in S1 were much bigger.

Also they are apparently reusing the ICA prologue tutorials but with added foliage or something. Thats just lame. I was expecting something completely different.


We won’t know how good the level is til we try it. However, we are forgetting that this game has some of the biggest levels of the franchise so it’s understandable to cut corners a little bit with NZ and WC.

Not to mention in terms of the main story missions the amount of NPC targets has increased overall. 15 versus 2016’s 13 if I’m right, plus there’s more experimentation in this game it seems with non-NPC targets and the amounts in a level.


Appears I missed out on the end of the first thread… Oh well. Also #NPCmasterrace

Done, love the story, not enough

About legacy

Also it looks like Legacy isn’t available yet (hopefully at launch), even with HITMAN installed, you will need Hitman on your HDD for it to detect and register the legacy.


Was not enough story the first time around.:stuck_out_tongue:


one question here, I loved the story cinematics from season 1, I find it very pleasant and well produced. How is the quality of the new ones?

for example, this scene is top notch animation, the facial capture was awesome for me


It’s not like CGI 3D anymore, more concepts stills that move on a 2.5D with CGI in rare occasions :frowning:


nooooo :frowning: as long as you find the story good, that’s ok i guess


If the money of the cutscenes went into a better developing of everything else, then I don’t have any issue.


Don’t matter what the cutscenes are like so long as the story is there and is good.


Sounds better. The more stylistic the less money wasted on perfectly lip syncing for CGI. Season 1 was very inconsistent in it’s lip syncing quality (Paris and Hokkaido end cutscene had some of the worst lip syncing I have seen in any videogame outside Bethesda studios work)


I did. It actually picked up the pace and actual shit went down for a change. One thing I don’t like, there’s not enough… but we know what that means :wink:


yeah I don’t have a problem either, just H2016 set a high bar on this, loved so much the attention to detail and effort put in this aspect.

One more day I guess


One more day of being anxious and checking the updates section in my XB1 account just to make sure everything is in place. Oh well. Time to distract myself with not so productive things.


I’d still imagine the day one patch could add final cut scenes in 3d, or I can be hopeful…