Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion


Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (the intended MGS5). Best Metal Gear game IMO and best story as it’s the most accessible but riveting nonetheless, cutscenes are entirely done in comic book stills with speech bubbles. Still an excellent story.
Phantom Pain was meant to be Peace Walker 2…its story, despite having flashy cutscenes, with Hollywood cinematography, excellent direction in body language (mocap) etc. felt shallow and the actual narrative structure was all over the place.
I’m somehow ok with HITMAN 2 doing the less flashy option. Substance over style I trust.


Do we see cutscenes of 47 preparing or at least more scenes of him?


How would you rate or rank the missions? Are they better than the 6 base levels from Hitman 2016?


Is NZ better than Colorado? Would we rather the NZ with level 5 mastery in place of Colorado back in season 1?
I’m thinking I would :yum:


Not having fully rendered cutscenes is going to be a weird transition when doing a full HITMAN to HITMAN 2 run.

Unless they’ve redone the cutscenes in the Legacy Pck to match.


They could always redo them when they have more money. Honestly I was hoping for a Holiday Hoarders briefing.


They did make a holiday hoarders briefing Home Alone and Home Alone 2


Johns Williams’ Home Alone theme intensifies


Um. What?


They won’t redo them. I’m happy with any sort of cutscene after the publisher drop.

For Hitman 3, they will spend their money on new content rather than making CGI cutscenes of the last season.


Has you never seen the 404 before?


No I did not. I just entered https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-legacy-faq showed in the screenshot above and I have this.


Blog post isn’t live yet. I assume it will coincide with the pack going live.


How did you even find the link?


Scroll up and you’ll see the link on the picture @GTAJJ posted.


I’m going in 3 hours at my gamestop to ask if they can release it early. Are there other people in EU who got it from gamestop early?


Yes. :slight_smile:

It’s too early to say but I would give them all in high regard,e specially from first impressions. When you see a place and then can actually go over there… it’s just wow. :slight_smile:

I can’t see, they’re not out.


Does he look badass??? :star_struck:


47 always looks like a badass.


CS’s uploading something today on Nightcall.