Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion


wow holy molly this is exciting!


I think he will stream on FB first before uploading this.


Despite a few worries about the maps maybe not equating to similar sizes, I’m still really hyped for the variety of content we’re getting with HITMAN 2 compared to the first entry. It’s fantastic.

  • 6 new sandbox-type locations
  • Contracts Mode
  • Pro mode for the pros on Day 1
  • Fully integrated maps of the previous entry (free for Season 1 owners)
  • A new competitive multiplayer assassination mode.
  • A Sniper Assassination mode.
  • A bunch of extra free content supported after the game’s release.
  • 2 seemingly large expansions that will grant a new location each and feature multiple missions.
  • A bunch of tweaking of various 2016 bugs (viewcones, wall-spotting, getting spotted by your target just as you pull the trigger - nullifying SA… So basically a lot of stuff involving NPC’s super-HD-360°-X-ray vision)

Here’s hoping everything turns out ok once we get our hands on it this Friday/Tuesday.


I think most streams will go live in five and a half hours to coincide with the first country entering November 9th. Rather than streaming it before it’s officially launched anywhere.

I’ll be streaming on Twitch at least even if no one else is. https://twitch.tv/thrision


Holy shit, I can’t wait any longer. I have work all day on saturday and a birthday party to attend afterwards… can’t figure out wether I should spend sunday checking out all six levels to be able to watch streams on work breaks without getting spoiled or if I should take it one level at a time.


I had problems deciding what to play when the two summer bonus episodes were released, I don’t know how I’m going to handle 6 entirely new ones


@GTAJJ Quick question can you upgrade your weapons ala sniper assassin or is it like S1 where you unlock variants?


No more teasing, only emotion now…


1 day for some, 3 hours and 15 minutes for me.



Can you point me in the direction of the info regarding smaller maps? Cheers!


I said this on Discord earlier, but I’m going to say it again. It is so awesome that the community is doing right by IO in that even though some people have the game already, NO ONE has started streaming it live on Twitch before it’s officially released.

It just goes to show how respected IO is by the community as a whole.


I’m in your awesome country right now! Gonna be exciting to see the first people playing while being here! Enjoy :smiley:


I hope you’re not in Hawke’s Bay. I hear some trouble is about to go down there!


This looks very exciting guys :blush:
Can’t to try it all by myself!




13 Hours for me for play hitman 2 :heart_eyes:


Going to almost be a shame that I’m going to have to leave the HItman forum for a bit. I’ve really enjoyed all the hype and theories in the lead up to the game, but don’t want anything spoiled, so will have to leave for at least a few days.


Was it any better than season 1
Cause I really didn’t like the story of season 1
And how was the game in comparison to first season
Can you give both games a score out of 10?


To be fair that has nothing to do with respect :P. Twitch has a site wide policy to abide by embargoes. Streams done before embargo lifts are taken down.


Must have been loosely enforced previously… There is usually pre-launch streams.