Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion


I have almost 20 h that I’m awake. I should go to sleep any time now and I hope I can get a long one till tomorrow morning at 7. Will avoid spoilers and then go directly to gamestop to get my copy.
Problem remains that I have a 15 gb update download. That will take some time with my 1.5 mb download.


I don’t know if I’m late but there’s an unboxing vid for the Collector’s Edition. Here’s the link.


Pre launch streams don’t mean preembargo, launch and embargo can have different dates.


Eight minutes from NZ launch and the servers are down for maintenance.



Seriously we should probably change the title to Hitman 2 General Release Discussion or something.




Download and installation done. Going to play now. :heart_eyes:


New pictures (potential spoilers):



HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)

Whittleton Creek I can’t wait :blush::blush:


Oh my God, that last picture is pure beauty to my eyes :heart_eyes:


okay, i played Hitman 2 now for a while and its fine but…are you serious, Io Interactive?! The Ai is so broken in this Level!


Update 1.02 available on PS4


I already love Hawkes Bay.


Man I am so excited about you guys playing this. And nervous. Slamming F5 on OpenCritic as well…not on good terms with IGN right now :joy:


Congrats on the launch!

Give me a nitroglycerin bottle unlock and I will give you 10/10 :stuck_out_tongue:


You got me

this and the first level of contracts are the only levels iwe had trouble with, excluding a few blood money crashes.


So you can play it on consoles already? Wow, that is very rude for us Pc players.


Uhhhh… something’s not right…

Isn’t that supposed to read “Available 10 November” at least?
(Note: I am in Philippines so 9 Nov 2018 19:00 CST is 10 Nov 2018 02:00 for me)


Steam only allows for one public release date on the store. That’s just showing you the general release date of the normal edition. Your game will unlock early, don’t worry


Just IGNore those people, causals who just say what the majority is saying. I’ve never been exciting for anything in my life especially the Mumbai location :heart_eyes: I’m sure H2 will be among the best stealth games ever made. Good job guys and keep on expanding the world of assassination!