Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion


I’m not that particular about early access. But I had a plan to leave the PC downloading over the weekend. So I hope it does launch on time. :slight_smile:


hoping someone give some information about rating system.


Thank you!

I will bribe the gameplay guys, I’m sure we can make it happen :wink:


Version 1.02 260.3MB


From what I saw on Reddit, the rating system is the same as Season 1. But they are changing it so that you can be spotted by the targets, and it doesn’t affect silent assassin (since they are dead and are not witnesses).


You can’t spell ignorant without IGN :slight_smile:

I would definitely give the game a very high mark. Well done to you and the team. Can I discuss some issues privately? (Bugs)


Variants :frowning:

Yes, a lot. Hitman 1 Story, I would give 4/5 (too slow, not enough momentum driving forward) Gameplay a 8 (missing features)
Hitman 2 Story I would give it a 8 (cliffhanger but it was good to see shit go down.) Gameplay an 9 purely a few things have been tuned and added yet still missing mechanics.


Yooo crosshair dot! I can play like Blood Money.


sorry wrong thread … far off


HITMAN 1 has 1.36 update too


holeey sheeeit, one thing i can say is that the localized accents in Mumbai are amazing! Love the Hindi and English mix I see here in India :smiley:


Please tell me Diana can be shut up… otherwise I will only ever be able to play the missions one time only !! My god pleeeease.

And is it just me or does everything look so downgraded and kinda… wonky?



what a difference 16 years make! :heart:


console players already finished this game. we are still waiting.


We don’t have a thread properly dedicated to discussing the story yet do we ?
I imagine even with spoiler tags, this isn’t the thread for it.


The graphics are better than season 1. On PC at least.


Doesnt seem that way to me. Well but really the most horrible thing is the endless talking by Diana and also the Shadow Client over gameplay. If that shit cannot be turned off I swear this game will be off my PC in a week. How does IOI think that this is good for replayability?


I don’t have the mental bandwith right now do that, I must admit. These coming weeks are going to be a bit overwhelming and chaotic hehe.

If you head into the Mumbai impressions thread I will be happy to recieve feedback and try and answer questions as time goes by, since that’s the level I have been heading up :slight_smile:


No problem mate. I’ve forwarded the issues to Travis anyways and he’s taken note. If anything happens in Mumbai, I’ll let you know :stuck_out_tongue: