Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion


Seems like the best time to take my leave from HMF until after I’ve finished the campaign.

Just wanna say it’s great to be part of this community and I hope we all get to enjoy the game whenever we get to play it!

Peace out :ok_hand:


The game will come out tomorrow
Bet your silverballer I’m on Steam tomorrow.
Come 6pm.

Did you all know the film Annie was based on this moment here? True story.


I also think that now’s a good time to take a small break, I know that everyone is going to blur the spoilers, but it’s just too tempting. Also I’m a poor standard edition guy, so the suspense will literally kill me if I stay on this forum. Cheerio for now.


This is bullying.
Why do console players get to play already?
Why is every cutscene from the game on Youtube already?
I demand to be able to play this game in 33 minutes, otherwise IOI big bully


This is the PC master race?

Sorry but I just had too. I might be getting the game in four hours.


Wht do Gold Edition players get to play the game 4 days early, when the game is obviously ready? We juat have to be patient


I have gold
It was supposed to release on 11th
Then suddenly 9th
And now console players on 8th

This is discrimination towards Pc Players

They are discriminating Standards and Silvers too!

I demand justice


Hitman 2 steam




Actually it is the ninth for me so I can get it anytime the EB Games open up. At least that is what they told me.


wow, my connction epic


Keep us updated dude


So I can delete Hitman now right on Steam?


and can you check hitman 1 gets any update?


Id suggest that you first open up Hitman 2 and make sure the progression has transferred


No, i dont see Hitman1 updates. I did see one earlier today, around 3h or 4h ago


also @pagan size is 8.5gb so far


I updated my S1 for around 244 MB on XB1 but the servers were down at the time. Offline everything seems the same. Nothing different. Gonna wait after mid day for the servers to come back.


HM1servers r up 4 me. Nothing dif

Typose n so caus download slow pcdown



It is only 8.5GB but I assume it gets bigger. JUST LIKE MY [REDACTED]